Win8 Remote Desktop vulnerabilities: the use of QQ Pinyin pure version achieve to mention the right-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The discovery of this vulnerability, the author is the room class. Are looking to With 3 3 8 9 Remote Desktop to control the hostel computer all the time, because to redo the system to forget its own IP address, and therefore can readily scan a bit in the IP section of the opening 3 3 8 9 port of the computer.

Didn't think they readily scanned into a Win8 system, but this system is also installed QQ input method Windows 8 pure Edition.

I was reminded of the Junior high time that the best five of the vulnerability, they readily test a bit, but after a lapse of 7 and 8 years later, is known as a very safe WIN8 systems actually there is such a large vulnerability. Here is the mention of the right handle again.


First confirm with the QQ Pinyin input method


ctrl+Space to tune out of the tray, to find this option


Smoothly open the IE browser


Here the need to explain things, the IE10 browser and Win8 security really is improved very much. Readily in the address bar, enter D:\ file://d: so the command are unable to open the folder. The thought of just casually Upload a bat batch, write on the right with the command, and then use IE to download down the open run, I did not expect a variety of tips System Requirements verify that your user password and the like, simply can not be download, visible conventional manner really doesn't work, Microsoft still has the repair these vulnerabilities, but after the author's many attempts, eventually found a vulnerability is not yet filled.

That is File Menu-Save As option, the web page File Save as to open the folders dialog


This time the feeling has been much closer to victory, but after half a lesson a lot of try, I always can't have substantive breakthrough

As shown, the Folders tab has been defined into several kinds mnt, txt and other formats


The author can even use the Notepad program to open the. right command to edit, but the key place has always been Microsoft's restrictions. Whether it is saved as a bat or open other programs, are unable to display or open properly. And even if saved as a bat, in the current defined of mnt, txt, etc. file to view the case simply can not see the generated file.

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