Enterprise SEO professional website vulnerabilities and fixes-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Program description:

1, upload to the virtual host[root directory] in.

2, If uploaded to the virtual host root directory is to modify the file(special attention to modify the site configuration in the site address domain+“/” such as http://www. xxx. com/ or local test then click on generate static as the station focused on optimizing the URL is an absolute path conducive to search engine crawlers)note: a subdirectory can be left blank

3, site General settings(site name, site keywords, site description, site address, contact information, record statistics, etc.) are in the"site configuration"settings.

4, Fast instant the whole Station DIV+CSS to generate HTML of the whole station a powerful SEO optimization capabilities, to allow more customers to find you.

5, The"Manage/Login. Asp"administration login path, the initial account: admin, initial password: admin

6, the whole Station generates requests to modify the site configuration/site address of the note path as an absolute path, for example:

Domain+“/”http://www.xxx.com/ or then click on generate

7, perfect solution, fixed IE6, 7, and 8 front page.

8, backstage editor compatibility with IE6, 7, and 8

9, slides, announcements free to add edit

9, online customer service slide

10.公司抬头信息图片\images\Top01.JPG please according to your own information slightly modified after the Replace.

Plug horse:

Message content inserted into the sentence language.


Background universal login:

The background http://www. xxxx. com /manage/ 'or'='or'

Backup to get the shell


Very old question, here I not much said. Own Baidu about the method.

by Mr. DzY from www.0855.tv