robots to the site of the hazard-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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SEO(search engine optimization)many programmers change jobs to do this, but the hackers seriously or bothered to do this!

Technical people firmly believe that art will speak, as long as the user experience is good, really can give the user to bring the user to the desired resources, this is the best optimization.

Gossip not say more, come across a station Ah Ah Ah, rank good one of the secondary keywords first.

The site program is Foreign of asp(dumbfounded it, call your bird language is not good)

There is an invalid injection point

Not next to the station

Also the wood what plug-ins a FL full for a long time also useless)

Okay, sweep the directory bar, the vault of the Sniffer dog's life began. Most hate flip catalog, bad eyes Ah Ah Ah Ah)

Huh? This is what?

Other words in the site root directory there is a deja vu thing,


robots is a TXT document must be in the root of the site, tells the search engine who spiders can index those not indexed, are generally such as attachments, templates files, CSS files, databases the value of this entry is used to describe the Do not want is to access a set of URL, this value may be a complete path, it can be a path a non-empty prefix, to Disallow the value of the item at the beginning of the URL will not be robot access

Not only does not increase the site included, but also a waste of server resources.

Looks like the webmasters of the SEO research.~robots show everything.

Disallow:/data/database files the spider not to index database associated files, in the database there are several small packets.

Wow Kaka~you can directly download the database! My character outbreak?!


Charge of the MD5 Ah Ah Ah, the harmony of the group to greatly help! Thanks.

Change the dictionary Ah Ah Ah Ah the Yanks? The background sweep out, log in as administrator.

The background and a news management system similar to Google Translate open to individual translation. Turned out to have a database backup.

The rest do not explain.

The use of robots optimization is a good thing, but at the same time he also exposed the webmasters are reluctant to allow others to see something based on the hidden content in the relative permission settings, we can find ways to look to the following you know, do not explain.