Thousand Bo enterprise website management system(NWEB System)background holding shell-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Management log in:/system/adminlogin. asp 'Management account: admin 'Key code: admin888 ' 'Site data:/Database/NwebCn_Site. mdb (conventional content database) '/Database/Bak_NwebCn_Site. mdb (backup the content database) '/Database/NwebCn_Stat. mdb (conventional flow database) '/Database/Bak_NwebCn_Stat. mdb (the backup traffic database) 'Constants configuration:/Include/Const. asp (if you have changed the database storage path or file name, the corresponding constants in this file for modifications) Take shell see Figure


Yesterday came across a station background the“constant configuration”on page hidden, and finally in the official website under a set of procedures to debug, find out the Configuration page: system/setconst. asp, in the background, the direct input is OK