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Article author: knowledge seekers Version: ftbbs v7. 1(static installation version)seems to be the latest Vulnerable page: usercenter. asp The vulnerability occurs in the blogmid filter is not strict lead to blogmid=Checkstr(request. form("blogmid")) if blogmid<>"" then sql="update "&ft&"clubuser set blog_mid='"&amp; blogmid&"' where clubuser_id="&userid conn. execute sql end if Although the above blogmid after the Checkstr()filter See the following Checkstr()in the code Function Checkstr(Str) If Isnull(Str) Then CheckStr = "" Exit Function End If Str = Replace(Str,Chr(0),"") Str = Replace(Str,",","'") CheckStr = Replace(Str,"'",""") End Function The above filter only the null chr(0) ,'