Another to bypass the firewall method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Using the Http channel software can break through the firewall restrictions, the use of only Http access permissions access to other Internet applications. So what is the channel? Here the so-called channel refers to a method to bypass the firewall port shield means of communication. The firewall at both ends of the data encapsulated in the firewall of the promise by the data packet types or ports, and then through the Firewall with the other communication, when the encapsulated packet reaches the destination, then the packet is restored, and the restored data packets transmitted to the corresponding Server. 是 一 个 专业 提供 Http 通道 服务 的 公司 through their online Tunnel Server, the LAN user can use is a firewall the shield ICQ, E-mail, PC Anywhere, MSN, QQ, Napster and other software.

Use Http-tunnel to the Tunnel Server must be using Http-tunnel client Http-Tunnel ClIEnt Http-Tunnel Client free version promised to 40Kb/sec data transfer service.

A program installation and setup

  1. Run the downloaded installation program, the installation process is relatively simple all the way to the Next to complete.

  2. After the installation is complete, it will pop up“Configuration(configure)”window, set the machine's Internet connection, there are three options:

a) Auto detected(automatic detection): you if you don't know your machine connected, you can select this.

b) No Proxy,only a firewall(direct access to the Internet, there is a firewall): the use of local area networks and direct Internet users selected this.

c) Specify a Proxy(proxy server): if you use a proxy server to access the Internet, selected this, at the same time you must also enter the proxy server address and port, if you need a user name and password also need to be input.

  1. Set up a good connection, you can click the“test(test)”button, test it, and if you see“Test successful(test success)”message, on behalf of you provided has been completed.

  2. The program is normally run after, it can be minimized, it will be in the taskbar notification area to generate one of the following icons, click can restore.

Second, the set QQ access

Due to the QQ external access to the port used is 4 0 0 0, so the network governance members usually by restricting port usage to limit the QQ access, the following describes how to set the QQ by http-tunnel to access the Internet.

  1. Open QQ, click on the“QQ Menu”button, select“system parameters”.

  2. In the pop-up QQ parameter setting window, select“Network Settings”.

  3. Check the“use proxy server”.

  4. Enter the proxy server address:, port number: 1 0 8 0 in.

  5. OK, close all Windows and re-log in to use QQ.

Third, set MSN access

MSN access settings can QQ about the same, but http-tunnel support MSN than QQ is much better, the setting steps are as follows:

  1. Select the“Tools”menu“options”.

  2. Select the“Connection”tab.

  3. On the hook“I use a proxy server”.

  4. Select the type“SOCKS4”, Server, input“”, port number“1 0 8 0”the.

  5. OK, close all Windows and re-log in to use MSN.

Fourth, to set Cuteftp to access

Sometimes, a network of governance officers to control the use of network bandwidth and information security, the need to limit the FTP service, which gives file upload and download inconvenience. By setting as much as you can to ensure that Cuteftp achieve Internet access, the setting steps are as follows:

  1. Select the“Edit”menu, select“Settings”, the pop-up Settings window.

  2. Expand“connection”, select“SOCKS”, select“SOCKs4”, the host: port: 1 0 8 0 in. (tu5. bmp)

  3. Choose“firewall”, tick on the“Enable firewall access”and“PASV mode”

  4. OK, close all Windows, you can select site login to download the file.

Fifth, setting up Windows XP Remote Desktop connection using Http-Tunnel

Since the Remote Desktop Connection and does not provide the proxy server settings of the interface, so it can not be like QQ, MSN and Cuteftp as set directly, this time we can use SocksCap to assist us complete, specific steps are:

  1. Install SocksCap on.

  2. Run SocksCap,select the“File”menu in the“settings”pop-up“SocksCap Settings”dialog box.

  3. In the“server/SOCKS server”and fill in 1 2 7. 0. 0. 1, The“Port(Port)”fill 1 0 8 0 in.

  4. In the“Protocol”, select“SOCKS version 4”in the“name resolution”select“Resolve all names to the remote(remote resolution)”of.

  5. Click“New”button in the“identification name”, Enter mstsc in.

  6. Click the“Browse”button, find the MStsc. exe file location.

  7. Click the“OK”button.

When in use, double-click the SocksCap list of mstsc icon, you can start the mstsc and mstsc to access the network will be through a proxy springboard. Need to pay attention to, must be from SocksCap to launch mstsc, otherwise it will not use a proxy springboard. In fact, many can't set the firewall Internet application, you can by this way, to achieve the Http channel function.