mssql hash password cracking method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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mssql hash stored in the table master. dbo. sysxlogins, with select name,password from master. dbo. sysxlogins can extract the user hash.



Constant part: 0×0 1 0 0 Salt part: 4E04BE46 Mixing ciphertext: the 023057E323AF27269E5B7DDCA140C98D225BDD3D Capital letters ciphertext: the 06E8EFE8CFAEC02985B27B38059FA3B18349612B after 4 0 bit

With HASH you can crack, to tool is CAIN's.

Go to CAIN to crack functions there, add a to crack MSSQL HASH There are three need to write in the text box.

The salt, mixed ciphertext with uppercase letters of the ciphertext to fill, it can be cracked.