mysql hash password cracking method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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the mysql user name and password stored in mysql database user table, locate the MySQL\data\mysql\directory of the user. MYD user. MYI user. frm three files, copy to your own mysql database directory, you can view the user's hash.

Used sql statements to extract the hash is as follows: use mysql; select user,password from user;

Get the hash of: test:085D85329E1557C869A120C9157315A07D51E8A7 ogame:085D85329E1557C869A120C9157315A07D51E8A7 iii6_com:085D85329E1557C869A120C9157315A07D51E8A7 root:5D0B157F0A3BB4DB1A0092B4F270FBDA486EC6EB

The colon on the left is the user, the right is the HASH HASH values beginning with””is a MYSQL5 HASH Without thenumber of is older versions of MYSQL the HASH(that is, MYSQL323)

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