LAN invasion of the teacher computer---telnet-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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On machine hours, the PLMM before shoot it, teach you the invasion of the teacher computer. Said dry is dry, run~CMD~net view(to see the local area of the online neighbor)goal is to find a teacher to host the results are called me down from D01 to D50 I had thought that the teacher's machine it should be and we're not the same hostname as a TEACHER or something what could it be D01 that! PING D01 (fight the hostname to his IP address result the IP of 210.29.. With a TELNET connection to the host: the telnet 210.29.. Command knock finished, the error message follow and connection ports 2 3 error。。。。。 The TELNET service is not open! This good office (local area network within the machine are generally open 1 3 9 ports right click My Computer~Management~operations~connect to another computer~input IP~ username: administrator password is blank password is the default)→determine the connection success then it will be in the D01 of the Computer Management select Services and applications~service~ in the right option, select the TELNET Modify its properties to manual and then start the service! OK ~ in the CMD command line input telnet 210.29.. ~~~ login:administrator password:empty connection success! welcome to Microsoft Telnet Server to get to the SHELL feel really good~ How do I know this computer is not a teacher? By the way, the review process, the teacher turned on the IIS services, the process table should have the NETWORK SERVICE process. Input check process command: tasklist``` wow! QQ.exe my.exe anti-a anti-a chat about Q's also play fantasy westward journey, which is obviously not the teacher's machine, got to give this kid a lesson, the process of table my. exe PID number is 2 3 0 0 the end of the process taskkill /2 3 0 0 then enter the net send 210.29.**.** Your kid is not life! His class also dare to play network game! (LAN Messenger is enabled by default you can use the NET SEND command to send the information is very interesting for novice you can try the command output is finished I have the corner of the eye peripheral vision scanned the next around sure enough a“Reggie brother”of the probe to the surrounding looked next to the MM seems to have been familiar with this operation busy enjoying themselves to give people the end of the process 尤其是 QQ.exe。。。。。。 My heart skipped a trace of pleasure, but immediately realized that the invasion has been troubled, don't really want to give this 5 0 machine tried to find the teacher host? “Well, message boards Do well, you can go to the My Computer access”the teacher said, in IE the operation“http://210.29.** .170..............) Beyond the pale fruitless searching, was to all not to waste time. The next operation is the smooth pull, first open the His the telnet service, and the last operation of the same,“My Computer Management operation to connect to another computer enter the IP or computer name with username: administrator password: empty” →OK. Password error! Now to the old life, at hand without any intrusion tool, which can do?。。。。。。。。。。 Skilled operation and then stop, right next to the MM A puzzled look at me, look at my hot sweat straight drop. His eyes seemed to in the question me: don't you kid will just steal QQ? QQ in!? Right! This teacher of the QQ on the 4th floor room I was stolen too!!! It is a students stress otherwise it will not be boring to steal the teacher QQ steal process more exciting the next time the air conditioning can exchange under along the trail, I deft open 1 6 3 tank, find the QQ want the corresponding password: ZDQ780626 this password real Oh connected to the input connection of the computer Username~ Password~ connection success! Ah, teachers also make this mistake----password uniqueness this but“social engineering”of the most basic the most important lesson you understand this four word-for-intrusion and anti-theft QQ will be of great help without further ADO open the TELNET service step and the last is consistent cmd command line telnet 210.29.** .170 ~~~login:admistrator passwod:ZDQ780626 connection success! You're done! (TELNET successful login you can execute a command or a lot of such as use DIR to view the machine's file copy copy file. DEL delete MKDIR create a directory. the format format the hard disk. IPCONFIG /ALL to view all IP information, NETSTAT-AN view port has the ability to also be on the other side of the machine written on the BAT command is executed. these online can be found to the I is not one example of the next to the MM seems to play the unfulfilling ask me what the command。。。。。。 The teacher seemed to speak of nothing but addiction, stunned is to add password login function this terrible password to login function the Book not to write your own.。。。。。。 ! Site to MM demonstrate a command shutdown-s-t 6 0 of 6 0 seconds countdown when the shutdown input is completed I and MM eyes glued to the projector, you'll see on the screen a pop-up warning box, top right 6 0 seconds countdown, then the attendant is crisp and the WINDOWS shutdown sound. Teacher whoosh of stood up, his mouth muttered Blaster for? Turn around and put the network cable unplugged. Next to the MM is music straight stomp, I nonchalantly looked at the book, my heart for fear of MM action is too large, causing the teacher get to the net lines are pulled up began to listen carefully.。。。。。。。。。。 (The teacher machine is 2 0 0 3 system if 2 0 0 0 the machine the SHUTDOWN command is not executed.....)