Dell Windows 7 upgrade program for free application vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Dell to 7 Introduction The Dell™ Windows® 7 upgrade option program, to provide users with an upgrade to Windows® 7 operating system support for client the the PC more streamlined. Today the plan is broke there are application vulnerabilities exist, comparable to a time before online much noise hubbub of the Lenovo 8 6. 5 Windows 7 application vulnerabilities, just the Lenovo is a low RMB86. 5, while the Dell is more generous, for China's upgrade program is completely free, even the taxes, freight, and labor costs are also free! BTW, Lenovo's 8 6. 5 vulnerability has been blocked, see this article after the action to be fast, late to catch the fall.

A lot of people didn't see this article in the intention, which makes the fall feel a deep, deep failure. A brief summary of what it is: Dell's Upgrade Plan was originally for a Dell newly purchased pre-installed Vista machine to the user, and now Dell is this part of the user to provide a free upgrade to Windows 7 services. Upgrade way for users to customize machines of the SVT label encoding to the Dell official online application, however, due to the Dell in the user application on the audit is not strict there is vulnerability, and therefore any user can get the SVT, hereinafter described in detail acquisition approach the case free application. With the application to the optical disk from the Vista upgrade to or new installation of the genuine OEM Windows 7 now! Of course, if you're on Windows 7 not interested in, then this article see here.

Take a look at its Upgrade Plan description:

Reference content

To achieve the upgrade to Windows® 7, you must be in the 2 0 0 9 years 6 months 2 6 to 2 0 0 9 year 1 2 month 3 1 day of purchase that meet the following criteria system:

Your system must be factory installed with Windows Vista® Home Premium, Windows Vista® Business or Windows Vista® Ultimate, or equipped from the Windows Vista Business Bonus or Windows Vista Ultimate Bonus. The above systems are included in the system upgrade conditions.

Received upgrade program version with the purchase of the Vista versions, respectively. For details, please see the following table. Change the requirement based on the current Microsoft of available information.

Plans to upgrade the system to the corresponding list

Generally the application process: First use the Services Tag, hereinafter referred to as SVT to verify the machine model, then you can use verified by SVT application is a genuine copy of Windows 7. This upgrade program includes many different types of machines, including desktop and laptop specific support models can here the query to, but if you want to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate(The Ultimate Edition, you must ensure that your machine need for Optiplex 7 6 0 and above. Note: the Optiplex limit statement without confirmation, but by the fall of the validation, 7 6 0 indeed can apply to Windows 7 Ultimate; for the other models and is configured the same could apply to the ultimate fall not validation. Now the most important is can scrape out be able to upgrade Win7 flagship version of the SVT's. SVT total of 7-bit to 3-bit suffix Q2X, the first 4 bits are letter plus digital combination, their own to piece together of it, pieced out after landing the following address for verification, if the verification is Optiplex 7 6 0 The above models, can free upgrade to Win7 ultimate.

If the above URL can not be opened, so smart you must also be able to find a way, core hint: the url domain, if the awareness is not out, then no way. How about a combination of these serial numbers and verify that the manual is a solution, if you don't have patience of course you can also use tools such as a dictionary generator to generate a dictionary with a small ficus the Su snow, this is definitely not beat like Tony such a big hack, ha ha to.

If the verification is successful is Optiplex 7 6 0 The above models, then congratulations to you, and then look down. Access If not opening the same reference just practice. Then just go fill all the way to the Next bar, in this autumn, I wish everyone can succeed!

To note a few points: 1, The Optiplex is a desktop model, not a notebook, knowing this can give you fill out of time to save time; 2, The purchase date must be 2 0 0 9 years 6 months 2 6 to 2 0 0 9 year 1 2 month 3 1 day; 3, at the end feel has been completed when, in fact, not yet complete, on the display to a shopping cart interface, you also have to choose the upgrade project, continue to click on“complete the order”; and 4, delivery time of approximately 2 0 days later, to have patience waiting for the ready; 5, If you want to apply, please just transform you scrape out of 7 SVT in the first place, for example: 1234Q2X verified, 2234Q2X maybe also can. Remember, be sure to first go to the above site verification; 6, The Fall is risking a certain risk of hair and this article, if necessary this article may at any time remove; 7, interested, can read the To Go directly to the application, please do not ask me about the details of the operation issues; 8, although temporarily unable to determine the application to the Win7 CD does it have to be in the dell machine is equipped, but even with such restrictions, through the brush BIOS or upgrade the SLIC table is also can be perfect solution; 9, The application to the disc each only activate one machine, once activated, will automatically and Board binding; 1 0, well, you can't wait, it'll start it.