Simple to crack router username and password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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For how to hack Internet cafe router username and password, although in my previous article have also introduced some methods, but still on the Forum will see many rookie friend asked: the router password should how to hack? Gray pigeons on-line how to on the router make port mapping? Then this article, I'll summarize a few to crack router passwords and how to implement within the network rally the Trojans on the line!

A. Scanning router Port to the router Security, Network Management typically will be a router on the default port(8 0)to change out, so we crack the router password of the first step is to have to find the router wEB management port.

If the router is UPnP(Universal Plug and play is a set of protocols collectively)feature is turned on(usually the router by default UPnP is turned on), then the router will open a l900 port.

We take TP—Link router as an example, just open the router's to: l900/igd. xml see of 8 0 of 8 0 of 8 0 of 8 0 is the router wEB login port.

If UPnP is network closed it, then we can only through the scan tool to scan. Open the X—scan, enter the IP address 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 1. 1

In the scan module, select“Open services”, in the“plug-in Settings”“port settings”, Enter the port range 1—6 5 3 5 0, determine, and then click Scan. X—Scan scanning speed is very fast, and pretty soon you can scan by way of the open port

II. Crack the router password I introduce a more powerful router crack software WebCrack4. 0 Open WebCrack4. 0 interface in the“user name files”column, select the user name of the dictionary file, in the“use username dictionary”column, select the password dictionary file, in the URL enter the router's wEB Management address the 8 0 8 0, in user name, fill in the admin, that is the user name from the admin then can only use the brute force method,with the to the tool:1:WebCrack4 2:superdic. Brute force of course to use a password dictionary,in fact you yourself also can go to the configuration dictionary,the other party may use the password all written out,or used above the tool 2 to generate a password dictionary,then begins to crack.

If in case the crack doesn't the router, you have to think other way;

With upnp bit elves and see if I can map out not.