Illustrated cracked the freezing point reduction 6. 0 The method and the freezing point reduction works-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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One,first of all the way freezing works. Without the patience of friends can jump directly to the second part to see how to crack the freezing point reduction*6.0*。)

Second,the freezing point reduction*6.0*crack methods:

To boot from the CD into the system, open RegistryWorkshop it.

Third,the freezing point reduction*6.0*crack method two:

Overwrite the original file.

A: the freezing point reduction6.0the main file description:

Attachment II: online wide spread“DeepFreezethe freezing point principle of the”post original:

The freezing point is with a windows startup before startup,the windows Start to load the driver when the freezing point is some way to trigger the start,since the freezing point with I0 Controller control,so,he can put any write to the hard drive things put into anywhere and don't know we have never seen the temp(windows temporary folder)there is a DF5. TMP, right? The specific file name I can remember less than quite clear,and,I'm not in my Cafe,the home Cafe the C disk the shield of the!@#$%$% So can't provide specific names,you can see for yourself Supplement, the freezing point of the dump is generally as the windows temporary folder, so, the system do the later be sure to put the windows temporary folder is transferred to a relatively free disk, otherwise, it will appear as missing files in the case of downloading large files lost after file is this caused, because, the DF put all the written files are placed in there, although on the surface you lost in the elsewhere, but the storage location is in fact still in the temporary folder, just a windows shows you the path to you was misleading, it is on the hard disk of the actual position should be in the temporary folder below. DOS the following not possible to operate the freezing point Ah, even if is to use NTFSDOS to modify it, it may start bad, and DOS can not install the freezing point. in addition, the DF is designed for NTFS when it is considered that NTFS is not DOS support, therefore, does not provide DOS support, even in FAT32 win98 under DOS are not supported, the DF was designed for windows Best to put the System File format to NTFS, but NTFS does also there is a missing file, I have ever encountered, however, NTFS lost file most is hardware-related, I encounter a problem that is the keyboard interface bad contact, replace the keyboard, files loss phenomenon is solved, windows 2 0 0 0/XP/2 0 0 3 The following have a NTDETECT. COM file,this file is in the windows startup is responsible for reading the hardware information,ntldr in every time you start the When the first load is on it,then it will give, respectively, the reading of each of hardware of the information,decision ntldr to load the drivers,because the program is not windows under the program,The design is also very simple,so,the hardware if there are some small problems,caused by not found in some of the necessary hardware,some driver will not be loaded,and then prompts the file is missing(sometimes the BIOS can pass,can the error message which damage to hardware,but windows at boot time does not tell you what hardware is broken? Either fails to start,or start after the success of tell you what is broken),we sometimes encountered such a thing,the machine does not start up,but,put a few days and well,or put a few days and the bad,there is some element of damp? Heat? A lot of little small not a small problem together going to a big problem. My argument is extreme,is a more of a dead end argument,if you each machine is as if it does not exist on the hardware issue,but in my opinion,missing file chances are really low. (NTFS). So,NTFS under lost files,is basically a hardware cause,don't know which bit brothers able to give some advice. Or my analysis is wrong. NTDETECT. COM this file at boot time would be to the registry in one of the button below to add the hardware environment information, specifically I don't know it, in order to determine the load of what the drive, does not detect anything which hardware it will not load the corresponding driver, and ntldr in the load system files when it is possible the error occurred, what to say what file is missing, in fact, that file is still there, just not by NTDETECT. COM to the list to load into it. Looked on the patch, surely we more clearly point freezing point? I see this above the freezing point of the problem, in addition to cannot be used is an installation error right. errer #0 0 1 0 0 0 4 0 errer #0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 These are and your what SP4 Ah, does not matter, the key is that you do not use a tool to give you the GHOST system is packaged, is the system installation disk with the package tool, I hope everyone is doing good system, fast moment of the disc when the first system package once, and then re-starting time directly at the GHOST server to obtain the master disc do not allow the system to start, otherwise, package will white do. Then is driver install order and version of the problem, in principle, you must use the installation disk on the driver, I'm looking at when the part of the people is with the generic driver it, manufacturers will according to their own need to change the electrical structure cut corners on? Saving costs?, the If you join a lot of the fresh functions, it would need its own rewrite the driver, so, this time, you must use the manufacturers give you the drive, I also suggest that you use the original factory drive. Here I explain, because each Board is not necessarily absolutely the same, so, the system drive to the motherboard of the parameters is not the same, but you don't have the package on the GHOST, in anything else on the machine can be used, install the freezing time, since the drive is not the same, of course, the freezing point does not need to motherboard drivers, hard drive, the motherboard of the parameters are not the same, plus the hard drive and the motherboard connection may be caused by the parameter difference, so that the freezing point when installed, could not properly replace the system's original drive, we have no note to install the Graphics Card Driver, the screen will flash once, and that was the driver in the unloading has been loaded into the memory in the driver file, so, freezing to a hard disk drive, you must uninstall, along with their parameters, the parameters are changed, the freezing point is not correctly uninstall the driver, it installed not on the. The package is to take hardware information from the system completely removed the moment after a good system yourself to find the appropriate driver, configure the appropriate parameters. Personal opinion, the Forum of what the freezing point is crack is fake, is the gunman posts, even if it is broken, we have to do is: change to another software. Abroad such software a bunch, but the majority of the network's English level is not high, also not interested to find. Take a look at their posting attitude. give out pictures, but don't give out things, also say what is afraid handed down, the impact of large for the majority of the NMS the sake of the Chinese, what things are so hidden? There's something just come up, so that hair picture is purely alarmist it! So, my opinion is that gunners post, the purpose is to want everyone to use other restore software, look carefully at the posts and posts of people who say, a little technical content are not, there is no freezing, we still work very enjoyable!