Windows 2008 bypass the logon password validation vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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This article by Rainy'Fox original, reproduced please indicate the source ! In the login window can be seen to the lower left corner of the icon, click on the following pop-up window!

Select the second magnifying glass, then click apply, the application of a magnifying glass app 因为 我们 之前 已经 用 cmd.exe 替换 了 Magnify.exe so, you can get the following window! tips: nothing technical content, it I This is a Windows 2008 bypass the password authentication login vulnerability, the present would like to submit milw0rm but I e water level is limited. Login window the magnifying glass function is based on the administrator privileges enabled, software restriction policy General maintenance personnel will be put on the administrator to limit the restrictions to exclude, imagine at the mention of the right time to replace this file, the connection terminal to enable a magnifying glass。。。。。