Crack cafe Group Policy the latest method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Crack a perverted Internet cafe chargessystem

See friends because when you run the Group Policy setting“only run permitted Windows Application”, exit the Group Policy After cannot perform any non-specified feasible program, including the gpedit. the msc also cannot run, all of the pop up"this operation due to this computer restrictions and be cancelled. Check with yoursystemadministrator".

The usual solution is:

In with command security mode, type MMC, open the console window, click“File→Add / Remove management unit”, in the“independent”tab, click“Add”button, select“Group Policy”snap-in, Click the“Add”button, and then click Finish; then in the console add the Group Policy snap-in, the previous setting"only run permitted Windows application"to"not configured"; to solve the problem.

Today a burst of inspiration, in the normal mode also solves the problem, now the method description:

1, Start--Run--%systemroot%\system32, use the search function to find the mmc. exe and taskmgr. exe after the copy saved to another location such as the rookie put the taskmgr. exe copied to the D disk root directory,the mmc. exe one copy to the desktop)

2, the 改名 桌面 上 的 mmc.exe 为 taskmgr.exe

3, Start--Run--%systemroot%\system32\dllcache and put the desktop on the taskmgr. exe one copy to the folder cover.

4, Start--Run--%systemroot%\system32, the same as the desktop on the taskmgr. exe a copy of the cover to the folder. PS: 3 and 4 in the replication process if there is a file protection window may be directly cancel its protective tip.

5, right-click the taskbar-Task Manager now appears not task Manager but the Console mmc.

6, in the MMC window--File--Add/Remove Snap-in add--double-click“Group Policy Object Editor”--complete--close--OK.

7, now expand the local computer policy-User Configuration-Management Module - system--only run permitted Windows Application-changed to“disabled”or“not configured”.

8, The just saved in the D disk root directory of taskmgr. exe imitation of the first 3, The 4-Step sequence of reduction to the%systemroot%\system32\dllcache and%systemroot%\system32 folder.