Use the split function perfectly free to kill the marine to the top such as asp Trojan-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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We all know the“marine top”of the asp Trojan is very famous. But in fact really use it, but not much. The main reason is because it is too well known to be mollusc stare very tight, the feature code also many, so doingfree killis very difficult. A few days ago, in the Black anti-of on see hack214 brother and is he o(∩_∩)o articles the Split function hack, easyfree killasp Trojan of 2 0 0 8 in the first 3 periods, but also harvest a lot, think he's idea is very good, huh. Free to killthe specific format I simplified a bit, easy to use, Hey.

The method is as follows:

<% dim a,b,temp,c a="@@@separated by the escape encrypted ciphertext" b=replace(a,"@@@","zero") c=split(b,"Zero") for i=0 to ubound(c) temp=temp+c(i) next execute(unescape(temp)) %>

'Only encrypt asp code, the html cannot be encrypted 'Must be put to the encryption code before and after the“<%”“%>”to remove 'First with the“@@@”to be encrypted the source code apart and then escape encryption 'For this point, I use notepad++open source code, and then put the“t”is just what the alphabet can be replaced to“t@@@”

'Finished after the<% %>in the code to the original asp program.

Oceanfree killwith the html modification of the encryption in front of a little html code to the http://www. cha88. cn/online encryption, so a little trouble. I This your test no problem, actually was a little worried at the beginning of the html code of the encryption. See the test of time.