Teach you to build free Avira the Teamviewer within the network Trojan horse-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today, online Trojan horse, has more to numerous to the point, but really nice to be able to escape the anti-virus Avira, and is not affected by the network environment limitations of the Trojan is indeed very little. Even if you hit the is also the so-called VIP version of the Trojan, don't really have to spend money to buy“good horse”? The answer of course is no, in fact we completely can own the Teamviewer Trojans, to create afree to killand not subject to the environmental constraints of the super-Trojan.

A, learn about the Teamviewer remote control

Teamviewer is a powerful remote management software, since the software establishment of early grief, is to facilitate the network administrator to have remote management, so some antivirus will not include it into the Trojan ranks, and it is so far the only one able to penetrate the internal network, and various firewall of the remote control software.

Teamviewer unlike other similar software, IT services end configuration needs to be controlled on the host operation, for example, where will the downloaded“Teamviewer”compressed package of the program, upload and release to controlled on the host, and then run inside of Teamviewer. exe program, then it will popup“Teamviewer”dialog box, and automatic connection to the server into the VPN network, obtain an assigned ID and password(Figure 1).


If at this time you are going to want to control this host, as long as on your own computer, also run the“Teamviewer”program, and then on the right of the ID box, assign it the ID of the input, and select the“remote support”option, you can remote control which controlled by the host. Second, let the Teamviewer remote control software“suddenly becomes”the Trojan

Before we say Teamviewer is a remote control software, so if you follow the above without“modification”to install the service and connect, it's easy to be the network they found it. So the following the author to do is the Teamviewer remote control software, to create a concealment is extremely strong and lethal Trojan.

We know the file the greater the volume, the easier is the administrator of the concern, and Teamviewer size of 3. 89MB, which is the main program Teamviewer. exe have 3. 04MB, so you want to“lose weight”only from the other file on the begin. The downloaded Teamviewer file after extracting, you will find that inside there are three folders, respectively, W2K, X64, X86, if in Windows 2 0 0 0/2 0 0 3 you need to use to W2K, in 6 4-bit system is X64, And Windows Xp is X86, here you can according to the controlled host system to determine the retention of files, useless files can be deleted(Figure 2).


In addition to the three folders outside the main directory of the uninstall. exe counter-setup, License. txe software Protocol, Unicows. ddl library file are also deleted. 而 Intall64.exe and install.exe, install. reg file is setup to use, if now not they can be removed, wait until the time in recovery, so Teamviewer will only be in the original on the basis of minus a lot of“fat”. Next, in order to ensure their own be able to and controlled by host connection, we need the Teamviewer connection password settings to avoid connection password because is not fixed and the connection is not on. Here open the“Teamviewer app”dialog, at the top click“extras”→“options”label, then it will popup“Teamviewer Options”dialog box, we in the password and Confirm Password text, enter you want to set the connection password, click the“OK”button, so every time you start the computer, it can automatically open Teamviewe connecting to a private network, which can ensure the control end of the normal Connection(Figure 3).


In addition, in order to prevent the controlled end of the Teamviewe off, we need to be controlled on the host Teamviewe, click“extras”→“Options”tab in the pop-up“Teamviewe Options”dialog box, the cut to the top“Security”tab, then tick on the inside“changes to requirements present on the computer the administrator permission”and“prohibition of Teamviewe is closed”check box(Figure 4). Finally, don't forget to“inbound access control”where the slider is dragged to the top, so that it becomes“full access”state, to ensure that we can completely control the use of its various functions.


If the above operation, you are in your own host in the configuration, you can“Teamviewe Options”dialog box, the entry to the“advanced”option in the“import/export options”box, click“Export”button, specify the Save path to the current Teamviewe configuration information for the export is generated. Next, we as long as the Teamviewe reduced volume and the generated configuration information uploaded to the broiler host, and then run the Teamviewe. exe program, and import the just generated configure file, then you can totally, and very secure control of this host.