A minute crack linux fedora5 password to modify version-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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Figure 1

Figure 2

See Figure 3. The interface should be somewhat strange! Now we enter a single command / 1

(Remember: enter the“slash”after press the“space”in the input 1, then press the“ENTER key”)

The input command is a carriage return, it will return as “Figure 2”of the interface!

Then press the keyboard“B”into“Figure 4”interface

Figure 3


  1. Enter the command passwd root (enter)

2. Enter Password Enter)

  1. Enter the password again to confirm (enter)

  2. Input init6(restart the linux operating system)(enter)

Figure 5


Good! Restart! Login to Linux in the Windows username root,enter the password student in. A successful landing! This successfully modified the password!

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