Hidden website back-end management-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A recent search through some of the search terms of information, combined with some of the actual search experience draw some of the Security aspects of thinking: Example: Use GOOGLE's search commands intitle:management intitle:background intext:admin And some very simple Search command, you will find a lot of website management background~~~ If with a small tree of stream light, Ah D hack tool, Ming the kid[I forget]~~~ Plus dictionary tools, even if very difficult to crack down, but tens of thousands of sites, estimated good luck can also hang a few!!! It's just a security risk problem, then what is the solution? Put your own website the background of the exposed surface is not always so assured, here are two tips: Most of the search engines[Search Engine Technology]procedures are in strict compliance with robots. txt standard perform the crawl. Any robots. txt standard considered unsuitable to grab the file, neither is included in the crawled document, also does not enter into the search engine database. [Want to learn more about this Protocol, go to http://www. robotstxt. org/wc/exclusion. html#meta this see now!] Through search, I found this HTML code can do to put a Web shield to the search engine the ability to search with

Program code


Put this HTML code into your management background, so you can avoid the exposed surface of the risk! Of course if you want to completely turn their website all of the shield, That you in your server's root directory create a robots. txt file Content:

Program code

User-Agent: * Disallow: /

Front of that sentence, in fact, a lot of companies doing website background templates, have been added to the list...[also some not noted]

There are many search engine side of things waiting for us to discover... Have a problem with baidu about it, it has become my habit...doesn't have to Zhang a mouth to ask people to discuss“rice”to eat! The above is just my own search for income, there is not place, also Please the master pointed to it!!! ========================= You can go to the next PHPWIND, the decompression after, you can see the inside also have a robots. txt file....