Linux each version of the local root password cracking method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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This time the old met was asked and the various linux versions of the local root password cracking method, I here own and on the network to collect some information, we want to see this article and just used to give the art a little help:

A RedHat/CentOS/Fedora system password cracking

  1. In the grub Options menu press E to enter edit mode
  2. Edit kernel that the final plus S (or Single)
  3. Press B, to boot to single-user mode
  4. ENTER after executing the following command

mount-t proc proc /proc

mount-o remount,rw /




II Debian linux system, password cracking

  1. In the grub menu of options'Debian GNU/Linux,...(recovery mode)', press e to enter edit mode
  2. Edit kernel that the final surface ro single into rw single init=/bin/bash, press b to perform a restart
  3. ENTER after executing the following command root@(none)#mount-a root@(none)#passwd root root@(none)#reboot

Three Freebsd system password crack

  1. Boot into the boot menu
  2. Select each(by 4)to enter single-user mode
  3. ENTER after input of a column command root@#mount-a root@#fsck-y root@#passwd(Change Password command) root@#root(to crack the password of the user name) Enter new unix password: root@#init 6 (restart)

IV Solaris system password cracking

  1. In the grub options dish select solaris failasfe items
  2. The system prompts Do you wish to have it mounted read-write on /a ? [y,n,?] Select y
  3. Enters single-user mode
  4. Enter the following command:passwd root@#init 6 (restart)

The NetBsd system password cracking

  1. Boot: when the prompt and start the countdown five seconds, type the following command: > boot-s (enter single user mode command)
  2. In the following the prompt symbol. Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for sh: Press Enter.
  3. Type the following command:



  1. Use passwd to change the root password.
  2. Use the exit command into the multiplayer mode.

(六)SUSE system password cracking

  1. Restart the machine, in the event of grub boot interface, the boot linux option to add init=/bin/bash to the kernel pass init=/bin/bash parameter so that the OS in the running login program is run before the bash, there command line.
  2. Wait a moment(none)#:the command line.
  3. Then enter the mount-n / -o remount,rw denotes the root file system re-mount to read-write, with read and write permissions on it via the passwd command to change the password.
  4. Then enter the passwd command can reset the password.
  5. Modify the complete epilogue with the mount-n / -o remount,ro root file system is set to its original state.