How to hack Internet cafe charging system in the cafe on the Overlord network-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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One with Alt+Ctrl+Del key combination(Vientiane)

After the boot, when appears the blue background, immediately press the key combination, pop-up“close Program”dialog box, if inside a“client”after the immediately closed, when the discovery of the“unknown”program is also closed because of Vientiane will start twice. Vientiane is the end, of course, you don't have that nasty input the membership card number in the dialog box, it's free!

But the wise boss will be from the host see on your machine is in a standby state while you're in play, that could be bad! Still be careful as on!!

Two use input vulnerability(Vientiane)

1 with a Microsoft keyboard

First, in the membership card box the midpoint of the left key, the cursor stops at the box, use Shift+Ctrl to switch to the Microsoft IME, just to make a letter, you will see input method status bar, use the mouse to drag the drag on the screen it can be lifted to the mouse locking, and then in the input box on the right point, there will be“help”;“the selected soft keyboard”; and“defining a dictionary”;“follow the cursor”, etc., we selected the“define dictionary”window displays“user coinage tools”,in the title bar choose“File”--“Save as text file”, then will pop up“Save”dialog box, pick a file right point, huh see what Ah!---- Is“Explorer”,“Explorer”are out,and the rest I will not say more!

2 with the Chen-Bridge five-stroke input method

And Microsoft keyboard almost, but the more simple point, switch to Chen Bridge five-stroke input method, just enter a word, appear the input box, use the mouse to drag the move, you can hack the mouse is locked, the input box on the right point is selected“Chen Bridge home page”you can open the pages!

3 Using the intelligent ABC input method(Vientiane; the Mae ping)

Switch to smart ABC input method, in the membership card box, enter "v"press on the keyboard that the four ARROW KEYS the up key, then press the"delete"key, and finally press a few next time the car just fine!

Three the use of other sites break Vientiane; the Mae ping)

For example, right now a friend or other open DOSBox on my website select the“cafe hack”section, there are a lot of services! Depending on your location of Internet cafe management software select“online display meiping password”or“online display Vientiane password”, open a security settings Warning, Do not go to the tube it click"Yes"to continue points two"Yes"and then point to obtain the password, you can get the cafe to exit the system password, and then find a machine, click"Start"--"exit"to enter just the password will be able to play it!!

The fourth use of the present machine since the start of the vulnerability(Vientiane)

This is the most simple method, but depends on your luck Oh, in the cafe Internet you may often see some after computer starts in the“Enter loyalty card”box above to automatically start a QQ or other program, Oh, this time don't turn off QQ, but also not directly on the QQ, because in this case your mouse is also locked, if you unfortunately go up, bad luck, your mouse can't reach the QQ, then you're to the side cry go!) In this case, first use the mouse to drag the QQ on the screen to move, you can hack the mouse locks up, and then on the QQ ha ha, how Ah go up! Then in the QQ the point on the second one like the“handbag”pattern, just point inside of a content, you can open the Tencent website, the rest I will not say more!

Five use Dos commands Vientiane; the Mae ping)

This is one of the most dangerous of approach, the recommendations within the last resort do not use after the boot, continuously press the F8 key to enter the Dos boot menu, select the fifth“Command prompt only" enter into the Dos interface, enter the command: C:\del c:\smenu\smenu.jst a carriage return can be deleted meiping exit the system password,and then enter C:\win you can enter the windous interface, and then point“Start”button, exit the system can be! Or directly remove the Mae ping folder C:\deltree smenu a carriage return. If Vientiane can be input C:\deltree client enter. This will remove the Mae ping or Vientiane folder, use just like using your own home machine like no limit. Crack meiping tips

Internet cafe management software the most commonly used is the Mei-ping computer security guards, hereinafter referred to as“Mae ping”, and its working principle is to use the virtual desktop and the Start menu to replace the original Windows desktop and Start menu, by setting the prohibition of the various windows system's basic operation, forcing the user to only the software limits the use of computers. In the“Mei ping”limit, can use the tool only IE and QQ, and also prohibits the download, the the majority of crawlers out there are fun? Where there is freedom? Boss Silver Shine collection, I wait for crawlers of freedom but is limited, this fair? The following niche will give a few strokes, crack the Mae ping limit, free Internet access, free use of computer!

1, The use of password cracking software

This method is relatively simple, there are two commonly used software-meiping security guards password probe and ping the security guard password Cracker,with a search engine can be found. Now available in meiping security guards 8. 1 following version in use. After running, you can get the Mae ping system password, so quit the Mei ping. This method is mainly difficult to find the appropriate tool, the Sina search engine good to“meiping”“password hack”,“the”and other keyword search, carefully looking for what you can find, for the first time may be difficult point, after hundreds of times. Sometimes can not download or download difficulties, directly open to run on it. These files are generally compressed files, before also want to install a decompression software, you can also use search to, such as winzip,winrar, etc.

2, Run msconfig

This method is mainly difficult to run on. Because the Mae ping does not let run the program, we can use the following approach: just open a web site,such as Sina home page, the page most lower end there is a"contact"hyperlink. Point out that will come out to some of their Email address, the point of these addresses, it will bounce the mail editor OUTLOOK or FOXMAIL in. What's the use? Select the added attachments,browse the selected msconfig in the windows system directory,and then click it,you can run.

We run other windows programs, you can also pass this way. Run msconfig, put the“start”column of things can be all removed, restart the machine, it can not run the Mae ping.

  1. Use Safe Mode

If msconfig does not run. Restart the computer in"STARTINGWINDOWS......" Press and hold the F8 key will appear in the Start menu. Enter safe mode, then run msconfig.

You can also meiping delete or change its directory name(SMENU directory)

4, Using the DOS real-mode

If even safe mode with Mei-ping? Reboot into DOS real mode, DELTREE C:\SMENU 或者 是 FORMAT C:/Q/U the.

5, the Select collection drop-down menu in the“organize favorites”command in the pop-up dialog box on the right side select one of the less common items, then the left side of the“Allow offline use”check box is selected, that will appear in the“Properties”button, click this button, pop-up Properties dialog box, in the Properties dialog box of the URL field in the URL is deleted and replaced by“c:”without quotation marks,click[OK]to save and exit, then click the browser left just modify the project, you can enter the Resource Manager interface.

6, in the IE address bar just to enter a non-existent URL, the IE window appears“this page can't be displayed”prompt, select“View/source file”command, open Notepad, find“href”, 7, Click IE browser“file”drop-down menu, click“Open”in the Open dialog box, enter c:or d:, etc drive letter,click the[OK], if not open Please put“to a WEB folder open”check box is selected on the try again, in the pop-up dialog box, click[is], what new discovery?

8, Open the MP3 music player Winamp, right-click winamp to the top of the title bar in the pop-up menu, select On the mini-browser, mini-browser window below, click the“triangle symbol”, select"Ctrl+O"character option in the input column enter: c: then enter, not into the c:disk.

9, open Notepad(select IE browser View menu under the“source file”to open the Notepad, open the c:\windows\win. ini file in the[windows]section under the“load=”and“run=”modify “load=c:”and“run=d:”save and exit, restart the computer, in the taskbar at the What do you see?

1 0, in the IE window selecting“View/Explorer bar/folders”Command, click“My Documents”or“my computer”then the IE window that becomes the Resource Manager window, select“Help/Help topics”command, the pop-up“windows Help”window,“windows Help”there are many start the program in the hyperlink“Click here to start”you slowly go find.

1 1, Use Notepad to open c:\Smenu directory C:\smenu 为 美 萍 软件 安装 的 默认 目录 under plugIns. cfg file, enter the following:




Then save. Note: the above content to a three-line input, after the restart, right-click the desktop blank in the pop-up menu, click plugins, select the“AAA”to go to the C disk, if a directory does not open, then clicking the“CCC”into the file Manager, you can lift.

1 2, in the c:\Smenu directory. dat file for“Mae ping”the virtual desktop files, in General are: menu. dat, Office software. dat, my computer. dat, System Tools. dat, the game world. dat these five files, the Mae ping virtual desktop upper right corner of the toolbar will correspond to the five desktop file, we can use Notepad to modify, the specific method is as follows; (1): Open Notepad, select“Open”command in the Open dialog box the file name field at the input: C:\smenu\menu.dat, Enter to open the“Mei ping the main menu of desktop files”, Notepad window, the first line contains the desktop the first icon is the full path and file name: e.g.“C:\WINDOWS\Notepad.exe”that 可 将 Notepad.exe 改为 winfile.exe and control.exe and and regedit. exe, etc., and modified note: Notepad. exe is 1 1 characters, the modified number of characters must be equal to 1 1, i.e. not in the. dat file into any one character, we can only in the original characters based on. The time saved should pay attention to the problem: if the current desktop is the main menu and open the Menu. dat File, Save before you click on the toolbar of the“Office software”or“My Computer”and change the current desktop, otherwise modify is invalid. Save the post and then selected the main menu, click on the appropriate icon on the desktop that is effective. Modify(2):“c:\windows\notepad.exe"read“C:\windows\notepad-exe”, select the File Menu“Save”command to save the file, then select the“open”command, will open the directory location to C:\for windows, click Open in the dialog box“new folder icon”, the new directory rename as:“notepad-exe”and save after clicking on the desktop the first icon, you can enter the hard disk.

(Note: If there is no toolbar, then use Notepad to open c:\smenu directory class. cfg file in four-line input the following:

The gameWorld=

My computer=

Office software=

System Tools=

Then save, restart and after that occurs the toolbar to.

1 3, modify the registry, the lifting of restrictions. 用 记事本 创建 一 个 文本 文件 unmp.txt, the content is as follows:



;The lifting of the Quick Launch toolbar, to prevent it from running, disable the F3 key, F8 key, to prohibit rename, delete, prohibit the use of ALT+Tab to switch tasks, a screen closing the keyboard and other limitations



the "alttab"="0"







; And releasing the prohibition of access to the directory and the File Download limit




;The lifting of the prohibition of the display of the desktop, hide the hard disk partitions, Control Panel and other restrictions

"NoRun"=dword:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"NoDesktop"=dword:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"NoViewContextMenu"=dword:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"NoDrives"=dword:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

"NoSetFolders"=dword:0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Note: a semicolon“;”behind the content of the comment may be input, assuming that the Save directory is“c:\”in the IE window selecting“View/Explorer bar/folders”command, at least you can enter the“My Documents”, if not hide the drive, you can enter the hard disk, create a new shortcut, in the command line input:“rededit.exe /s c:\unmp.txt”double-click this shortcut, and then restart the computer; or use Notepad to edit c:\autoexec. bat file, this batch file added a line:“rededit.exe c:\unmp.txt”you can each time start the computer automatically releasing the Mae ping limit.

1 4, The“Mei ping”kicked out outside. With Notepad, create a VBS script file unmpsoft. vbs, as follows:

Dim WSHShell

Set WSHShell = WScript. CreateObject("WScript. Shell")

WSHShell. RegDelete "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\SMENU"

WSHShell. Popup "NoMpsoft modified successfully? quot;

Then select“File/Save As”command, in the file name field enter: c:\windows\favorites\Nompsoft.vbs saved in the IE favorites directory area click Nompsoft. the vbs file. Then restart the computer.

1 5, Open Notepad, enter the following:

@echo off

IF not exist c:\smenu\smenu.exe goto end

copy c:\smenu\smenu.exe c:\smenu\smenus.exe >>NULL

del c:\smenu\smenu.exe >>NULL


Select“File/Save As”command, in the file name field enter: c:\windows\winstart.bat, then restart the computer. Describe: ping the default installation directory is“c:\smenu”,if not then make the appropriate changes, use the Open dialog box to browse the hard disk to any directory, browse through to determine the Mae ping installation directory XII, in IE the browser toolbar to create a“start Explorer”button, Use Notepad to create a text file, the content is as follows:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{C18CB140-0AAA-11D4-8FE8-0088CC102438}]


"CLSID"="{1FBA04EE-3 0 2 4-11D2-8F1F-0000F87ABD16}"

"Default Visible"="Yes"


"HotIcon"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system\\shell32.dll,2 4"

"Icon"="C:\\WINDOWS\\system\\shell32.dll,2 4"




CTRL+ALT+DEL simple destruction of the Mae ping

Everyone knows that as long as the boot appears the desktop background color, press CTRL+ALT+DEL to close smenu two times will be able to turn it off, but Mae ping has now fixed this vulnerability, helpless only obediently pay on the machine, and little brother today on the General Assembly home hand.

First of all download a“glacier”to the latest version, because the Internet cafe mostly has a firewall, the Ice Age most version into firewall wanted the object, but the boss is not a firewall upgrade, so firewall to the latest version of ice just like blind eyes. Now start breaking the Mae ping, first double-click the service end of the G-Server), make your own with this computer cute horse horse, next open the client, G-Client)see on the left there are two users, click the“LocalHostt”, the following will prompt you the connection is successful, then click the“command console”after selected“control commands”under the“process management”, point to the right of the“view process”,see right there“C:\SMENU\SMENU.EXE”? OK after selected point“End Process”. Now minimize all the Windows, what you see, be careful not to let the BOSS see, otherwise...... (No, I said. Now Mae ping crack success.^_^

You don't want to every time like this hack again, it will allow us to expand what Victories now, open"c:\smenu",see that there is a“smenu. jst”file? To put it K·O the Delete, and then double-click“smenu.exe”and now your computer has been meiping lock up everyone don't use stones to throw at me, click Start in the“setting system”, then will ask you to enter a password, point to confirm after seeing you want to see the stuff.^ o^their own research. What you use that computer the C drive is hidden, you don't see that big glacier Trojan in front of you standing? Click the“LocalHostt”in front of the plus sign, and now can see C drive.