Hack hack the door to the password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Hack the door------a backdoor Trojan. There is no process, it is covert, there are many online information, their next look inside the description. System backdoors: a hacker's Gate series six version:Hacker's Door Some time ago, to see someone in order to hack hack the door to the server end of a password, also specially made a program Haven't come across more than my first, so there is no concern Today good luck, hit one. Oh Start also thinking about how to crack its password: The Read password program idea is: The service end is dragged back and put in your own hacking of the door 1. 2 folder, and run reader can read the password. First find out which of the dll file, this file can be in service inside to find his name, and the first to open registry regedit Find this key, find hack the door to the service name, such as is Iprip to: Then this is what he stored in a dll somewhere [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Iprip\Parameters] ServiceDll: The C:\WINNT\system32\serverdll.dll Start also thinking about crack it the password, suddenly thought of can put the file to replace is not on the line? Installed without. First serverdll. dll was renamed, and then put your own dll renamed to serverdll. dll into C:\WINNT\system32\ Or simply change the ServiceDll key value, this just your own. And then re-starting, the Black door is for you. Huh.