A step-by-step teach you to use the U disk into password of system-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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U disk is now very popular, however, if you just take it to store data, perhaps a little pity. In fact, we also can make U disk to play a greater energy! For example, today xiaobian teach you a trick that will allow your USB disk instead of the login system The password only when you plug in the U disk can enter the normal system operation, or any operation are not entering the system. How, is not very interested in a try?

To successfully achieve the above functions, we need the help of named Disklogon gadget, it is a powerful, secure set of tools that let us use USB flash drives, floppy disks and other mobile devices to log on to the system, when logging in from enter the user name and login password; and once removed these devices, the system can be set to automatically lock or shutdown. Here's a look at how to set the USB flash drive into the control log in to the system The“key disk.”

下载 地址 :http://download.pchome.net/utility/codeman/detail-20493.html

To complete the software installation after you press the restart is required, after entering the system screen click the“Password”button, and then use the keyboard to enter password if set before using the password to log in. But we do not want all the time. tedious, the following To set the Let USB play a more powerful function that let it directly to the control system to log in.

Directly the Start menu, click“Disklogon Options”to enter the setting interface, then sequentially perform the following steps to set:

Step1: in order to execute the“Options/Disklogon/Disks”operation, the right side of the window, by default all letters are selected, but we only want to use USB flash drive as the key disk, so only tick the USB flash drive letter, such as the author of the L: on.

Step2: click the left side of the window“Options/DiskLogon/General”branch, next, we're on the right side is provided with a flash drive and no USB flash drive when the different operation

  1. In the“Disk removal behavior”drop-down list box, select the“Lock computer when the disk is removed”when the disk is taken out after the computer locked, so that when the USB is removed after the system will automatically lock; if you want to unplug the flash drive after the automatic logout, you can select the“Log off when the disk is removed”on it.

  2. In the“Log on to Windows”drop-down list box, select the“Log on when disk is connected”when a link have USB flash drives automatically when you log on to the system, so that, if in the boot not connected to the USB, you can not enter the system.

  3. In the“Unlock computer”drop-down list box, select the“Unlock computer when the disk is connected”when connected on USB flash drives automatically when lifting the system locked.

Tip: by default, the system log, if there is no connected USB, the user can click“Cancel”and then manually enter the user name and password to enter the system. But in order to enhance security, remove“Allow users to type their usename and password to log on or unlock the computer”allows the user to enter a user name and password to login or unlock system option! As a result, there is no flash drive inserted cannot login the system.

The control system login create login information

Step3: complete the above settings, we can proceed to the final step is set up, i.e. the login system to unlock the user name and password. Click into the“User Accounts”tab, then click on the“Change Logon information”area at the“Change”button, enter the user name, the password creation Interface(Figure 2)。 Specific steps: in the“Step1”area, select the current system being used in the U disk, then click on the“Step2”area, select an ID number such as 0 1, and in this case“Create New”will show the available state, and click the button, and in the subsequent pop-up window, enter the user name and password

If you want to use encryption algorithm to encrypt the login information is encrypted, you can tick the dialog box of“Encrypt this logon information with strong encryption algorithm”option. After the addition is complete click the“close”button to return to the main window.

Tip: set the login user name and password, the USB flash drives root directory will generate a file called logon. dln file, this file can not be deleted! Otherwise, the next time you reboot even if you plug in a USB flash drive, also because the system can not read the“fingerprint”and the cause couldn't get into the system!

At this point, all the relevant settings have been completed, now your U disk is already a key-disk. In the absence of connection USB of the case is simply can not enter the system; in the system use Midway, if the thumb drive is removed, the system will automatically lock—click the dialog box in the“Unlock”is also invalid, unless again the USB connection to your PC. Currently the software only supports Windows 2 0 0 0/XP/2 0 0 3 System.