On Tumblr hung it to the principle-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today I come to tell you to talk about it on the QQ space hung it works, I tried it, the success rate account for 8 0 percent. There are a lot of people have asked me what can be done in broiler flocks, I think for a long time, but the QQ space to hang horse can achieve this. So I try to do it, Turned out a success!~~ I just want to tell you about Tumblr hung it to the principle!~ We put what should be the Trojan linked to the QQ space? That look promising: We all know, QQ space music player is against the IE cache to the machine on and then after the encoding run the music, Because you want to play music you need to download to my computer, but after running then turn it off, the system will automatically clear the record and file, so to achieve this, we must Must have put a Trojan pass to the file on a network drive, for example: like mail. 1 6 3. com this website mailboxes can with SkyDrive, but must have some effort before you can succeed, hope the large Home the ability of the heart to application. The Trojans pass-access the disk after that, then on“view Original file”to open a text file, in there find your Trojan address, Copy down, and then enter your QQ space, in the“music box-add music-Add Network music”in the open, there is a URL address of the fill-in box, On the inside paste on your Trojan address, the name of the song play casually, and then press“OK”. Well, this is the completion of the space hung it on. Then, put this“Trojan

The song listed as playing the first bit, after the success, exit your space.

Next, and then put your address space to someone else, calling someone else to step on your space, Oh~~someone one on one to your space, the system will naturally download

The song”Trojans song“slightly, Trojans will automatically run in the background, others will not find what strange place.... and Huhu, hung it to success!~ Someone else will

Naturally, your Trojan!~

In the last recommendation about the Trojan configuration: gray pigeons black anti-designed version or the other Pirates of the Q Trojan server, and so on, these are good, dry this line, from the

Then to choose some to compare some of the stuff pulled!~

Good pull, QQ space hung it to the principles of the tutorial is complete! Hope you can success