Pubwin2007 the cafe management software I to break-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today on the QQ accidentally met a buddy fucker 0 0 1 2 haha. Long time no see. Chat a few words he passed me a tool of the elite cafe auxiliary tool 5. 9 It.. My Halo took a look the original is the elite cafe auxiliary tool my disk in memory. There is no more want. He said he can hack cafe free Oh. in. Oh... and To see. in.

Tool: Elite cafe auxiliary tool 5. 9

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Note: this animation is dedicated to those still fighting in the cafe line of little black.... and I wish you have fun with.. In addition to remind, do not play too far. Not to mention that I teach you, Oh. in. Want to be the boss caught playing PP Oh, that...^_^

Elite cafe auxiliary tool 5. 9 download address:<>