Alternative crack dual system Vista password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Install XP+Vista dual system more and more users, but there are always some careless people will forget Vista account password. Since Vista uses more than XP is more strict login authentication, if forgotten password, we are very difficult to enter the system. However, Microsoft in the login screen there is a sticky keys vulnerability, you can use it to get into Vista.

Sticky keys vulnerability refers to the US at the login screen press the five Shif start sticky keys 系统 目录 下 的 sethc.exe so we can in XP under cmd. exe to replace with. exe to start the command prompt, and then use the command prompt into Vista to reset the account password. Here the dual system hypothesis for the C drive for XP AND D drive for Vista.

The first step: enter the XP system after the open d:\windows system32, right-click with. exe select“Properties”to open the properties setting window, click the“Security”tab, then click“Advanced”.

The second step: in the advanced properties of the security settings window, switch to the“owner”of the label, in the owner list, select the current XP login account, and then click“Apply”and then click Close all Windows.

Due to the Vista installation partition is NTFS format, we are only in XP under change with. exe file ownership to be carried out after the replacement operation. If the Properties window is no“Security”tab. Need to open Explorer, click“Tools→folder options”, in the opened window remove“use simple folder sharing recommended”pre-ticked.

Step three: Ibid. opened again with. exe Properties window and switch to the“Security”tab, click“Add”, the current XP account added to the“group or user names”list, while the account with. exe the Full Control permission set to allow. Then start a command prompt enter the following command to replace operation:

Rename d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe sethc1.exe(把 粘滞 键 程序 改名 为 sethc1.exe)

Copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe(复制 命令 提示 符 为 sethc.exe)

Step four: restart computer, log in to Vista, on the Vista login screen by five the next Shif to start sticky keys, then the start is a command prompt interface, enter the Explorer. exe to start the desktop. Successfully loaded the file we can see the Start menu, here is the system built-in SYSTEM account to start the desktop in the Start menu user icon The lower.