The with WinRAR parse the Trojans tied for Addendum-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Friends see the with WinRAR parse Trojans bundled of May will have a doubt: sometimes encountered in the WinRAR self-extracting documents, self-extracting later while running the plurality of documents, The with WinRAR parse Trojan bundle of a text is described in the self-extracting later while running a document., the For example, some Trojans run the client, but also will run several destruction programs, killing up more trouble.

In fact, the self-extracting later while running the plurality of documents is also very simple. Press the with WinRAR parse Trojan bundled with a production later, and then in the“profile document name and Parameters”dialog box, select“comments”, and then enter:




Does not include quotation marks. As shown in Figure. in. Where“a.exe”“the b.exe”“the c.exe”is the self-extracting later while running the program, but they must be in the self-extracting documentation package. Of course, it is possible to not program, any document can than known: the image of the document". jpg, the. gif. the bmp", the animation of the document". swf", text document". txt", the web document". htm, the. html, the. shtml", and so on. on. Of course also does not limit the simultaneous operation of the document number, as long as you want to run how much to add a few“Setup=”. Click“OK”that began to make self-extracting documents.


In fact, it is possible to make a plurality of documents using shortcuts is also good Oh!) Combined into one self-extracting documents, but the runtime just to run a self-extracting documents, but at the same time running the plurality of documents, the“lazy”to try Oh, throw a prank is also good Oh.