Unlock the high strength folder encryption master inside the"secret"-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Title: unlock the high strength folder encryption master inside the“secret” The author of the article: ice sugar[J. S. T]&[E. S. T]

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Today our society seems to take a high-strength folder encryption master to the President try to say is a This encrypted folder is good stuff, can take possession of the items in the folder and the encrypted folder. I'm in the curious also followed up look. And he said, This is he spent a good long time to find a good stuff, also said the network has no one than this right encryption folder software. I thought to myself, it is an encrypted folder break software so powerful? Plus the Director of the notebook on an encrypted folder so I'm curious, this folder content is exactly what our secondary held the second session of the computer contest information and believe inside the topic. I decided to research a bit. Secretly put the President of that encrypted folder to copy a document to My Computer inside, in the so-called“high strength folder encryption master,”Down to the computer for my study to prepare. Back home did not forget to turn on the computer, open I Down a guy to enter the installation interface. Such as the figure: 1. The ! Next is to fool the“next”operation. Installed it in our folder right-more of a“high-strength encryption”option, this is where we mounted the encrypted Master's masterpiece. Create a new folder in the folder create a text file inside the dotted content, such as Figure: 2 then the encryption folder, password: 1 ! Encryption after finished 我们 现在 所 看 到 的 只有 我们 的 解密 加密 .exe the. Other are hidden. Later, after my test, 发现解密加密.exe,it modifies the system file set, it is equivalent to the system files hidden. And we the encrypted file will be treated as system files hidden and replaced with additional open way. First of all, I on the folder tools—Folder Options—View—hidden files and folders—displays all files and folders, and view—Hide protectedoperating systemfile, and hidden known file extensions to remove the tick)! The role: in order to display the encrypted master the hidden file is the encrypted file. Now open our folder and look, two more files. As Figure: 3) ! Desktop. ini is a configuration settings that should be impossible on the inside to make a fuss, my intuition told me the encrypted file is definitely hidden in the Thumbs. dn inside. Readily open it and find inside what are not. Because it's just a printer task. Do our files were missing. However, the article is likely to be hidden in the Thumbs. dn inside. I still don't want to give up. So, I looked at its properties, Size: 16.0 KB (16,384 bytes) occupied space: 16.0 KB (16,384 bytes) Guess the file should be on the inside. In order to confirm my guess, do a little experiment. Before you put a txt text small enough to proof it on the inside, now we are used to encrypt the master encryption of a large file, if the Thumbs. dn inside the size become with us before encryption, the file size almost the same, then our guess on the set up! In the hard disk inside search, find a 1. rm file to do some experiment. Such as Figure: 4-a encryption before the file information

! We carry the encrypted information. Such as a Figure: 5 You see, is not confirmed by our guess. This can put the mind to spend ! In our Thumbs. dn this file. In order to be better in the Thumbs. dn is on the Do experiment, I created a folder, the Thumbs. dn copy to that folder, first let me feel strange is this folder's suffix, I changed this folder's suffix of trying to see what will change to failed. Later thought of a way, think of it this software has it's encryption method, can we use it for encryption and decryption, so that you can restore our files. 假设 它 的 解密 加密 .exe to run, first of all, his search for his paper clip in there it has its original encrypted files if encryption of the file it will generate a Thumbs. dn of the files I've tested, desktop. ini file nothing to use, then verify that the encrypted file will be the thumbs. dn, hidden inside a verification password files, and our source file, If there is, it POPs up to you to enter the decryption password; if not, it will popup to enter the encryption password. If that's true, then we how to extract the files? This time we will please our RAR uncle, the Thumbs. dn file is compressed. Because of the Thumbs. dn is a folder, it refuses to let us open directly, We by RAR uncle to open the function. Extract finish directly open the compressed package, go to our Thumbs. dn clip, this time you can discover inside there are 4 files as shown in Figure: 6) ! 1. the mem file is our source file. Extract out we put the other three files are in Notepad open as shown in Figure: 7)

! At this time know 1. mem is our source file and the encrypted file, we put this file and decrypt the encrypted. exe alone put in the same folder, if the display is asked to enter the password again encrypted, and then decrypted in the decryption, if you can get us to the file that is the source file? Note: at this time directly open 1. mem file he will ask you to input the decryption password, then RAR compression, decompression doesn't work put the two files in a separate folder inside it to run the encryption master, with we expect the same results, he asked to please enter the encryption password, and then unlock the password this time encrypted master will get an error such as Figure: 8) ! ! There will be two times of the error, but the error don't go to tube he, directly turn off the error message. 再 运行 解密 加密 .exe follow his prompt to enter the encryption password, and then in the decryption, and the decryption can't go wrong, and to decrypt the Complete file is the source file we see before encryption source file and the encrypted unravel the source file size is compared, whether the same big! Such as Figure: 9 in. ! After I repeated the experiment results: 1. mem. es is source file 1, 2. mem. es is source file 2, and so on. Although in our unlock process has corrupted our file name, but the impact on us is not great. As long as no damage to the data inside it got us results. We use Notepad to open our 1. mem. es you can see our previous content. Someone asked if I put not a text file?, how come he is what type of file? Actually you just use Notepad to open it, inside will have the relevant prompt. Or to just 1. rm to explain it. I have put my encrypted file to unlock. Now we use the Notepad to open, you can find the file header. Such as the figure: 1 0) !

PS: a simple hack hope veterans do not laugh, bored in writing articles, look good.