Clever use of the EasyShare breakthrough limitations to achieve broadband sharing terrorism-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently by multiple computers to share broadband Internet users in the Browse page will pop up such a prompt:“dearuser:because you are using a shared computer with Internet access too much,more than our server hosting limits,we cannot guarantee that your sharing network is stable,as you truly have shared needs,please callcustomer service*number or to thebusiness office consulting.”, and This is the relevant departments in the Clean-up 1 drag n share Internet access the way of results, it is indeed very annoying, the author of the together with the also encountered this problem, first no matter which thing merits and demerits, but as the majority of ordinary Internet users is not no way? No! EasyShare can help you to solve the troubles.

EasyShare software is an integrated ADSL dial-up and households to share Internet access and other functions of the system software, through the EasyShare software, you do not need to purchase additional broadband routers or set up a separate proxy server you can achieve all of the above functions.

EasyShare use the General settings with the FAQ EasyShare using Group network instance EasyShare Simplified Chinese latest version download

Let me as we explain under the basic method of use.

1: software installation EasyShare software is required on each required computer with Internet access for installation, run the installation program, then follow the wizard prompts, the next step can be, note that in to install the EasyShare network drive will pop-up network driver installation confirmation dialog box, click“still continue”to install the network driver. As shown below:

! Easyshare hardware installation

In EasyShare after installation, please restart the computer to complete the installation in normal use. 2: software configuration (1)Select the physical network card Add in“Internet setup”page, select To connect to the LAN physical NIC, if you have multiple network cards, make the right choice. “Shared Internet access default gateway”please enter the desired default gateway IP, it is recommended you use 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 1 as the default gateway. That you with reference to the network instance settings, as shown below:

! Easyshare select the physical network card

(2)to set ADSL account Please put from your network operator to obtain the ADSL account and password settings into the software, so that software dial.

After the setup is complete, tap Save settings after you can, in all the need a computer with Internet on the above settings.

(3)Connect to the network The completion of the above settings, please go to the“system status”page, Click on“Start Connection”button, the software will first find the LAN whether there has been dial-up success of the host, if there is then through the host to share Internet access, if not then their start dialing and become a shared Internet host. If the DIAL to the host is turned off or disconnected, the network of other Internet computer will automatically dial-up and replace the host becomes the server, to ensure that the network is not interrupted. The connection status as shown below:

! Easyshare connected to the network

The current status indicates that the host in the shared Internet access in identity, if it is“Server”, indicating a dial-up host, the other computer is through your computer with Internet access, if it is“Client”the show is through someone else to access the Internet. 3: General settings In General settings, you can set your EasyShare automatically when Windows starts dialing, automatic upgrade to the new version and the software function of the skin, replacing the skin, you need to restart the software to make the new skin to take effect.

! Easyshare General settings

EasyShare use FAQ

1: Why do I click on“Start Connection”button when prompted PPPoE a drive failure? This is because EasyShare the driver is not installed successfully, you can view the selected physical NIC of the property, confirm whether there have been“EasyShare Filter Driver”exists, and the check box should be selected. If it already exists and the check box is also selected, then after you restart the computer and then try it out.

2: Why EasyShare dial when prompted username and password error? This is due to you in the“Internet Settings”, input the ADSL account and password error, please re-confirm and fill in the correct and then retry.

3: why prompts the network connection is successful, but I still cannot access the site? This is probably because you set the DNS server correctly, please contact the operator to query your local Internet DNS server, and the DNS server settings to each need computer with Internet access. Networking examples Here we have a family share Internet access network example to show you how to use the EasyShare software, you can also according to the reference examples to set up your network.

Network configuration: Desktop 3, the portable Notebook 1, 8 port Switch 1 Access way: Beijing Netcom ADSL home broadband(1M) Internet Sharing software: EasyShare

! Network configuration

From the top of the configuration list can be seen, the default gateway is 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 1, but the network did not this host, this is because the 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 1 is composed of EasyShare to achieve the virtual gateway, so you need not worry about can not be normal Internet access. The network topology diagram as follows:

! Network topology diagram

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