How much more simple to stay your webshell Backdoor-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Get website the webshell, if the administrator found, then your horse is useless, deleted! So we have to hide our SHELL,administrators are also not exists eat!

  1. Here's a dish method, the ASP insertion method, not easy to be found~ In our to tricks of the ASP file added the following contents <% if request("action")="ok" then %>

<% end if %>

In*****added at your shell code It is Oh G A Access when you do the hands and feet of the ASP files back plus? action=shell, for example:index. asp? action=shell You can tune out the webshell, does not affect the normal browser embrace

  1. There is a method The premise is to give system permissions, telnetmeat IPPort Successful telnet after,Upload a asp Trojan Into the site directory The last is the next layer. md s...\ copy 1. asp s.../ OK,so antivirus software will engage within the Anti asked when http://your/ meat is meat/s.../1. asp