Catch broilers simple method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Now you hands should have their own horse(pcshare generate room end)of the bar,if the test horse??? This test would not have said,We have to really go catch a chicken before. Want to catch the chicken,must be to let someone else computer running your own horse. The issue came out,everyone is new here, are also not invasion. Someone computer how to feed??? Oh,use a bit of social engineering.,, let someone else PC own in.



1 only your own horse

1 can automatically unzip the software(rar)

1 Normal files(videos,tip files,themselves play it),not greater than 20mb(just a personal recommendation).

Thunderbolt web or Thunder download the software

b)the entire process:

Your own horse will not say,on theftp server,a brother might say this rare find,hard to find how how the. But to tell you,actually very simple,take a iis,aftp serveron the line. Here again someone said,iis is not installed,the ftp will not engage. It's okay,everyone use google or baidu to search a easyphp,这个 软件 点 setup.exe all the way to the next on the line. Related to the use method your on the google look for Bar,everyone learn self-study. I am here just to say ideas. Okay,so let's have a local server,在 网站 根 目录 下 随便 扔 个 文件 如 123.txt,then in the browser input http://localhost/1 2 3. txt to see the tips not the download,If prompted,to prove that you successfully configured.

Next is the horse and the normal files tied together:here I use the rar this compressed software. Select the horse and the normal file right click,Select Create a compressed file,in the pop-up window, select the Automatically extract this one. Then select Advanced,under Advanced, select hidden to run the. Then in the program open after running in to enter their horses in the name of xxx. exe. And then determine. So put your own horse and normal files tied together and it is an auto-extracting file. Extract after you will run your horse(Trojan best configured after installation to remove). ok,here mA equipment well. Throw it to just the configured Local Service under the root directory. Then open the thunder, 新建 一 个 下 http://localhost/xxx.exe

With the thunder after download you will see it on the back of the post,Oh,let's just use it the Publish function. To tie a horse of this file release on the go. OK,post over himself and other horses on the line.:)

Main points summarized:

  1. The horses to befree to killcommonly used anti-virus.

  2. Tied the horse after the file is not too large,the smaller the better. It is best to have a certain attraction to the file,when you publish content also to be attractive. So that the next person will N more.

I use this method,one day caught a 2 0 chicken.