On bypass Internet cafes charge system-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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This method no matter what the cafes,whatever he means what the charging system,can be used,but we note that,in people with less time or people much more special when you use less,easy to be found!! Okay,now teach you: One into the cafe,the computer is off,you first boot,and then continuously press"F8"(a boot on by,don't stop),and then will be out the first version of the menu(in the DOS case),we select:"Safe Mode with Networking",then it will directly go into the Windows desktop,does not start any Charging System. So that you can access the Internet. However, this method of entering the Windows desktop is black,we can open a website,from the Start menu in the desktop falls out,as the desktop,so that you can't see behind the black screen. Everyone remember,don't put the final surface of the window to turn off,a turn off the black screen you saw,I wish everyone to have fun. This method pay attention to safety,I do not assume any liability!