With SockOnline software easily break the port restriction-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Fiis divided into the Sock, HTTP, FTP, and other types, respectively suitable for different applications. However, sometimes the network is only open 8 0 port for HTTP web browsing. Faced with this situation, we must do nothing? Of course not, in SockOnline this special agent software help, we can easily break the limit.

SocksOnline is a green software, no need to install, just need to double-click the run SocksOnline. exe can be run. It is no exaggeration to say, as long as your computer can use IE access to the Internet, use QQ, etc. based on Sock connection the network software is not a problem. SocksOnline clever in that it makes your own PC as a proxy server, so that the Sock port forwarding for ordinary non-closed 8 0 port.

Open SocksOnline after the program the default occupied by your 1 0 8 0 port as a SOCKS port, do not change. Then, click on the“system parameters”, select“Network Settings”,“Use SOCKS5 proxy server”before the check box is selected, the General settings as shown in Fig.


Here, we can the SOCKS5 proxy server is set to“”and the port is set to“1 0 8 0”the. Where“”is your internal static IP. Finally, click Test to verify the proxy server effectiveness, if there is a“the proxy server is working properly”message indicates that the set succeeded.

QQ on the line, SocksOnline should be displayed with the number of connections, host, port, or the transceiver data will have corresponding change, in this case only represents a QQ configuration is correct, otherwise, please check the QQ SOCKS5 proxy server port number whether the SocksOnline set up the SOCKS service port number are the same.

Some of the local area network allows the use of QQ, but can not use QQ voice calls, this time using the SocksOnline can also solve the problem. However, only by using SockesOnline a party to the call without the use of SockesOnline of the party, because the QQ provisions must be made in the firewall behind the user calls the other party.

Need to remind everyone that the current SocksOnline there is a free trial version, but due to too many users, so the speed is not very good, on peak hours will cause a QQ break, this time to re-let the QQ on-line can be. If you SocksOnline very interested, can sign up get a user account, so you can enjoy better service, does not substantially dropped.

On SocksOnline security, everyone completely can be assured. All of the data after conversion, there is a certain privacy. More importantly, the use of SocksOnline will not leave what traces, even if the company network also found not.

Finally, it should be noted that the use of SocksOnline when the best different when using a firewall or the like background of the software, otherwise it may be SocksOnline the establishment of a proxy server to intercept. In addition, the section has been modified to display the IP of the QQ, may be in use SocksOnline proxy when there is some problem, it is recommended to use Tencent released the official version.