Quickly remove illegal file name code-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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allyesno: we will encounter many so-called illegal file name

For example .. con, nul, etc.

FlowerCode gives the following method can quickly delete these file names

http://hi.baidu.com/flowercode/blog/item/3f68be02a7cfd10d4bfb519f.html References Two lines of code get deleted quickly using illegal file names of the files and folders 2 0 0 7 years 0 6 months 0 4 December Monday 1 9:0 8 DEL /F /A /Q \?% 1 RD /S /Q \?% 1 Save As . bat or . cmd file can be. After experiencing what is runauto.., the com1 or the like, as long as its from Explorer drag this batch file, the Black window flashed, the file(folder)immediately disappear.