Green crack Office software protection password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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As is well known, we in the use of Office software packages, you can set open password or a modify with the write-protection password, to avoid being someone else to steal private information. But the days long, even if their own are forgotten once set what the password what do I do?

Perhaps you've heard about some tool program can brute Office Password, the principle is repeated to test each password is a combination of the counted number of ways. But what if the original password is very long, may be counted the previous month are also no results. Following the author tell you a more advanced hack technology, it can be directly put Office file in the encryption mechanisms removed, regardless of the your password how complex, can in a split second on the crack is completed.

  1. First from the web download and install a small tool software-Office Password Recovery Toolbox.

  2. Run this software in the main interface, click need to crack the passwords of Office files. In this case, the interface below will display the file using what type of password protection(Figure 1).


Figure 1

  1. Please click on the interface below the corresponding“Remove”button. Then will pop up a dialog box that prompts now coming to connect to this software is the official server for the decryption to work. Although we don't know why you want to connect to the server, but you also can only follow. Click the“OK”button will automatically start networking and make the crack(Figure 2). It should be noted that software to connect to the official server, not the Office File sent in the past, you should not reveal your personal information. In addition, this software by the author with a virus scan, found and not hidden within the Trojan program.


Figure 2

  1. About five seconds or so, it will pop-up prompt information, the prompt for password has been successfully cracked(Figure 3). Really fast too people can't believe it! After the break file in the original file in the same folder to save into a new file, the file name automatically add“(Fixed)”suffix(trial version suffix is“DEMO”)。 Please click on the take a look, now do not have to enter the password can open the file.


Figure 3

  1. Finally, to remind everyone of the point is that this software is able to delete Word, Excel, Access, Outlook password, but the premise is that your PC must have installed with Office Suite software, otherwise it may not normal to crack a password.

Software name: Office Password Recovery Toolbox

Software properties: sharing software

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