Teach you to kill on the server the ICS firewall-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Now more and more servers using the ICS Firewall, with ipsec to manage the remote login and port security Engage in really want a world without black. Many server directly down but not on the 3 3 8 9, carefully complete analysis didn't find what firewall or fresh software, the ipsec service is turned off after no effect. Really depressed a flip Think is comes with ICS out of the Ghost.

Service Display: Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) We can use net stop "Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)"directly off, but did not give tips, but also did not play Effect, 3 3 8 9 still the connection is not on net start when it tips service started~~~depressed ing Consult n lot of friends,some say to stop the service, and some say kill the process, have failed. Finally in my brother, there find the answer, now share out. C:\>netsh netsh>firewall netsh firewall>show

The following instruction is valid:

Commands from the netsh context inheritance: show alias - lists all defined aliases. show helper - Please list all the top assistant. show mode - display the current mode.

In this context the command: show allowedprogram - show firewall allowed program configuration. show config - show firewall configuration. show currentprofile - show current firewall profile. show icmpsetting - show firewall ICMP configuration. show logging - show firewall recording configuration. show multicastbroadcastresponse - show firewall multicast/broadcast response configuration. show notifications - show firewall operational configuration. show opmode - show firewall port configuration. show portopening - show firewall port configuration. show service - show Firewall service configuration. show state - shows the current firewall state.