Successfully bypass the XP login password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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There are many friends also in for forgot XP login password can not enter the system to worry about,now I come to bring you a solution.

Tools required

  1. U disk a

  2. Usboot(U disk to start making software)

  3. winrar(compression software)

This method I've personally experimented,and successfully bypass the XP login password. I'm in the school room to do the experiments,but the file format is FAT32,know NTFS? Wanted to together experiments,the results of my drive at school on a machine with does not work(my optical drive has problems,the machine was too old!-- Poor),the school machines are FAT32,no way! Only next time do it!

First talk about ideas:very simple,when you machine appear the login box,a password is required,you press the windows key+U and see what is Nice! The emergence of the auxiliary tool management tool Oh~~means that you can run a magnifying glass to. Since you can run the Magnifier program, then we put the magnifying glass app into the other app is not can also run? I put it into the Add user program is not............ Oh~~good or bad game! The idea is such! Now we start production.

① . The production of U disk boot disk. First run Usboot, and then insert U disk, select the USB disk and then point to start. You want to undermine the U disk on the file! Careful!, the Formatting finished the U disk pull out, and then it will prompt you to then insert, insert U Disk 1 After the split can be! My U disk is 1G, with the HDD format.

② . Make the replacement file. To make a XX. EXE file to replace the original file, but this XX. EXE after the execution and you want to achieve add the user's requirements. My first thought is to write a batch file:

| @net user hack 1 2 3 4 5 6 /add @net localgroup administraroes hack /add @exit

Then save it as XX. bat can be!

And someone were to ask me,what we want is XX. EXE you to we get hold of a XX. bat what do you mean?

Good question! We let it run the XX. EXE is equivalent to run the XX. bat not on it!

To achieve this purpose,we should use winrar,use winrar to make a self-extracting file,not just the XX. bat becomes XX. EXE? Run XX. EXE is equivalent to run the XX. bat. (Put XX. EXE copy to the U disk on the go)

③ . The replacement file. To COMS to go the first start to change to USB-HDD,save----insert the U disk,into the system c:\windows\system32 going. copy magnify.exe 007magnify.exe (to magnify. exe for backup,magnify. exe for magnifying glass to execute the program). In the U disk on the XX. EXE copy to system32,and The to magnify. exe you can!

Then boot from the hard drive you can! Then to the XP login password,you just run the magnifying glass on it! Press Ctrl+Alt+Del(press 2 times)with your new hack the user can go in! Into the Admin Password Change to!

Thus it is successful to bypass the XP login password,as long as a U disk,good and convenient.