Chi Bo room billing system-free Internet access-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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My school electronic reading room available on this system. 搹 犸 欕 a? 曧 l ? 駥 ? Would have been sheer curiosity,in the online search a half a day also no results,had to their own research. Chamber 5 狌 d 倅? ��2?? 鑡? Where method A is theoperating systemof the problem,method, two, three, four is a charging system problem,if who there is also this system,you can try the following,In summary I feel this system is not how,is charging cheap second-by-second mark. Love H 鶙 諘 v 8 succeed;? a(墔 ? Z 鞾. Countersunk x� Method one: why americium X?� 竀 System problem,I really admire the school loom,Lenovo pre-installed system turned out to have the keyboard vulnerabilities. ? Storage 牾? In the Enter the account number where Ctrl+Space->help->jump 扵 navigation K closure q of the narrow ? Benzo[K? H? Method two: ? a 愝 vegetables w7 Also speechless,F8 into Safe Mode. Didn't start up the shield keys. s F 龞 灆��? co 泀 Minamata>Dragon Method three: L �z 炰?? Then into the desktop youll Ctrl+Alt+Del to call up any Service Manager,the end of the clientlogout. exe process,so you do not have login window,directly go in. Don't ask me how I know clientlogout. exe,I a try,re-starting a dozen times to try out. 5 W ? Beamy O tQH 贙 6z blind Method four: 彊 愭 v"reed? How to achieve the unknown,but to see people make,is to put the login window is minimized. �u�? 犙? )馟╮蚼 �� Method five: KV �� a minute; The invasion of the host,to your account change,I was at the time the billing machine to open up 3389 to go in to see. Into the Chi Bo room billing system requires a password,may I in a file to find the password Removal Tool,official,I really suits our school,which are not deleted. _s 貈 j thy 詓 q ? 牄 p Chi Qi PS:also tried the smart abc of vulnerability v->↑->del->carriage return, just put the landing end of the window, the desktop is still locked.