The use of Vientiane to control the entire cafe-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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In today's information world, the software is endless, believe Vientiane cafe management system this something everyone is of the left ear to listen to into the right ear to listen out of the bar,what? Haven't you heard? I faint, that you must be lying to me, since you know how to enter here then you must know that it is a kind of stuff. For some often in the Internet cafes of the network lovers to say, the system let people the lock is a very painful thing, do hundreds want to download a software to bubble the MM, or want to blow the cursing himself the Son of a bitch, but Internet cafes will always say“current security settings do not allow download”I'm, I'm dizzy, what to do? It is certainly going to take means to get rid of it! A bunch of FEi, now turn to the question: Vientiane: a client; a control terminal, the cafe there are N machines, the cafe owner will be installed on N the client, the client will put the current computer control terminal to provide a full share, support shutdown, lock, billing...... Function much countless. These by his control end can completely do it. Haha, good start, since their cafe by a control terminal to control, so why don't we make a control end? As we are not and can also control the entire Internet cafe? Here, if you are not familiar with, then you certainly cardiac, all, and listen below...... We are now in the position of being a client state, first see if you can download..... A few seconds passed, and can not be downloaded, well, we just let him get out. We go into the C: drive, find, Octopus this folder, as administrator, the folder is not necessarily on the C: drive put it was renamed. What? Not with the right key? Reliable, easy to handle, with the mouse press the folder, right-Oh, the press for about two seconds, we press the left key at this time do not let go of the right key, ha, well, press the left button after those delete, and copy, rename these menus to our roll out. Now we can do whatever they want., the first not pipe the other, the first action is to have it renamed, if you are stingy to hand LA the guy will simply put the folder deleted, to complete the task. (In addition, adjust the right button of the method and press shift+F10, first custom to bring up the menu of the object, the more simple is to press the F2 key. in. Well, now we press the computer machine that the smallest button, reststart, is to restart it, after starting in Vientiane you can't move the line. Now we can directly to the widow of the original interface, ha ha, very good, now we're in IE properties-->custom security level--->allow download-->successful. Now let's download two software, one is named“wx1”, its name should be"this bar, anyway, my mailbox is inside this display, one is Vientiane, the management system of the installation files, since these relate to the whole of the cafe of Ann. of security, download address I temporarily not available, can't find friends contact me? After the download is complete, let's open“wx1”, it is the role of the Vientiane system all password show up, cool. in. Okay, knowing the password we can make this machine died, and gifted students. Next, Vientiane install file Of course is to install the service end of it, well, the installation is complete, we can now see this cafe all the running machine, and wow, the foot has several ten Ah, we just press A to look at, right-click inside the relevant machine, remote control, plus a fee to operate, additional...... Don't count too much, huh. in. Many of my friends are using ice remote control, 那样还要骗人家运行server.exe so not good, now is the cafe owner to help us Run this so-called server. exe., so we proceed to the next operation. First for example, if we now use the limit of Internet access that you can give yourself extra money, start giving them one or two dollars, then you own added on to next year 2, No. 9, night is the song a couple of bucks. If they are on how long you press and how long time plus a fee that we can over a period of time just do yourself checkout, and then on the machine, ha ha ha, cool is dead, do not say, say I'm cool Corona:). Ay yo, who is with rotten eggs to throw me, the pain died, I have to go, the angry. Alas, still put this article before writing it. What? It seems like no? Not right, so soon? Ha, we now have a control terminal, is equal to we now is the boss lah, just can't collect the money only, just like that, now everyone will try it, to ensure foolproof, controls the entire cafe is so simple.