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First the wordy a few words, a lot of people think that in boot into DOS to delete the system startup cafe management software you can, in fact, if the good points of the Internet cafe management software will be in your deleted it, re-loading, or some in the registry under the Hide on mouse lock or illegally enter the keypad is locked then do(into windows) is?? The following teach you how to solve it. First of all, you need to know management software startup name, as well as his path, 这里比如是c:\windows\system\111.exe here you can register to find, you can also through msconfig to see, here not say more. Our idea is to let the management software startup is not successful, while also not allowing him to load its implied on the management software program. Of course, the premise still have to use F8 or Ctrl to enter DOS, go into a you can use the command: deltree c:\windows\system\111.exe 来 删除 here is best to use deltree,in case it's attribute is hidden. Such a management software startup is not successful. Next, if there are other hidden program, we under DOS to run the registry to delete, I now see are generally in registry runonce, you can use the command:regedit /d hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runonce put the support button to delete, if there are other support key, you can also remove, here is an idea. Well, directly running to win,isn't it completely free? This kind of method to be able to press F8 to enter the DOS of the Internet cafe machines the vast majority of practical. of. A lot of people only write a little, I just add a bit to hide the program, and some Internet cafe management software a single one is not completely solved. Here the production of a batch your reference: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @echo off c: cd c:\windows\system @rem this is to eliminate the public security card del kernal32.exe @rem this is to eliminate the startup items in the billing software,if not hidden, you can directly use del to delete, otherwise, use deltree deltree 111.exe @rem this is to remove mouse restrict,or keyboard regedit /d hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runonce cls @echo it's starting Win98,pleast waiting........... just made by Nowthk... win ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What bright ideas the way, huh